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UTI Shotgun Sticks

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Utility Solutions Inc.’s patented BLUE STRIPE Shotgun Sticks are now available with two distinct operating handle orientations to enhance ergonomics and embrace user preferences. The variations include a version with a side button (Standard) and the hook pivoting down, and a bottom break hook (BBH) version, which aligns the button and hook in the same plane for those who prefer button-up, hook-down functionality.

The BLUE STRIPE on all models provides a quick visual reference as to hook orientation, minimizing accidental drops.

Boasting a prouder button for ease of use with gloves and improved handling overall, the shotgun stick line is fully customizable. Options include internal/external rod ranging from 4-12 feet in length, and optional end fittings such as a universal spline end, rubber boot, socket adapter and quick-connect options. The lower-end fittings are CNC machined in-house, making repairs of the handle assembly easy. Each stick features a sturdy steel hanger and heavy-duty rod guides that can handle the rigors of live line work.