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Andax Containment Pallet WEB

Transformer Containment Pallet

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Andax Containment Pallet WEBAndax Industries is pleased to announce the introduction of the Transformer Containment Pallet (TCP), a UN DOT 51H packaging and shipping solution for Packing Group III solid hazardous waste materials. This patented product is designed with an integrated pallet bonded to a flexible, liquid-tight containment system. This DOT- and OSHA-compliant packaging solution is approved for use with inner containers or articles, such as electric utility transformers. Additionally, its Packing Group III rating helps you comply with EPA rules when transporting or storing PCB-contaminated transformers or articles.

The TCP is constructed of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant material with a super-absorbent inner core. Engineered with four interior anchor points on the pallet and two 10,000-pound ratchet straps to secure the load, the flexible containment system creates a liquid-tight enclosure. The TCP can then be safely lifted, moved or stored using the integrated pallet.

TCPs are available exclusively through Andax Industries authorised distributors. Two sizes are available and can contain loads up to 1,219 pounds with a UN 51H/Z/*/USA/+AA9998/0/553 rating.

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