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Swing Gate Wire Holders

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

LineWise has introduced two Swing Gate Wire Holders to directly replace most existing wire holders on the market. The new models can be used on both vertical and horizontal construction and are the only wire holders available with a load-rated gate.

For maximum safety, the Swing Gate Wire Holders have two side-swinging redundant gates that can be opened and closed individually or together by hand or with a hot stick. Aluminum rollers are included on all four sides of the units for conductor protection. Unlike traditional wire holders, this unique, patent-pending design allows contractors to safely roll captured lines from horizontal to vertical construction or vice versa.

Model SGWH 500 is rated for a 500-pound downward load, 500-pound side load and 200-pound gate load. It is compatible with the LineWise TLL-500A Series 1 and Series 3 Triple Line Lifters and can also be adapted to fit the material-handling jib on most bucket trucks.

The SGWH 2500 has 2,500-pound downward and side load ratings, plus a 500-pound gate load rating. It is currently available on the LineWise TLL-1300, TLL-2000, TLL-2500, HLL-10-4000 and HLL-10-8000 Hydraulic Line Lifters.