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Insulated Platforms

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Hastings, a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, offers insulated platforms designed for maximum safety and ease of installation.

Each insulated platform features a permanent, nonslip surface in the work area and square channel foot/toe stops for location awareness. Metal castings and components on platforms are made from heat-treated aluminum alloys.

The width of the insulated platform is 10-3/4 inches. Features include twin adjustable struts for stability, complete with braces and chain tighteners. The rail assembly is hinged, allowing for storage on top of the platform by removing a keeper pin. The horizontal rail assembly serves as a positioning device that allows the worker to maintain proper work positioning and balance.

The insulated platform can be positioned in 30-degree increments up to 180 degrees under load by loosening the wheel tightener, eliminating the need for lineworkers to get off the board to reposition. Insulated platforms are not to be used as anchor points.

This product can be found on page 315 of Hastings’ online catalog.