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Double-Insulated Wrenches

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Cementex has announced a new design enhancement to its extensive line of industry-leading double-insulated wrenches that provide the greatest possible safety for personnel around energized equipment. Cementex open-end, box-end and geared wrenches now feature a continuous outer layer of orange insulation to provide a smooth transition between the dual-layer and single-layer portions of each tool.

Beginning immediately, Cementex will phase out the yellow insulation layer on the working ends of the wrenches and ensure that all kits have the same style. All part numbers for tools and kits will remain the same.

This design advancement makes the work end of the wrenches even slimmer so that they are consistent with the insulation process that makes Cementex drivers the slimmest insulated tools available. The smooth transition and reduced overall size of the wrenches enable access into tighter locations and minimize the likelihood of the outer layer being caught on sharp edges that could damage the tools’ insulation.