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Hugh Hoagland

Hugh Hoagland

Hugh Hoagland is among the world’s foremost experts on electrical arc testing and safety. His career change began with safety testing at LG&E Energy, later, he worked as R & D Director for NASCO, a manufacturer of protective outerwear solutions. He has helped develop most of the arc-resistant rainwear used in the world today as well as creating the first face shield to protect against electric arcs. Before moving to full-time training and consulting. Hugh worked for Cintas developing their strategy for meeting the needs of OSHA 1910.269 and NFPA 70E standards before moving to full time training and consulting. He has helped development of legislation and standards in both the US and Europe. He sits on several industry committees and is a featured speaker at safety conferences and events. Meet Our Experts Hugh Hoagland Bill Shinn Clayton F. Abernathy Drake Drobnick Robert Fuhr Mike Gibson Lee Hale Al Havens William Huston Zarheer Jooma Nancy Lewis Doug Lovette Lee Marchessault Daleep Mohla J.C. Owens Ed Scherry Ken Sellars Dove Temple


Best Practices for Arc-Rated Clothing Programs

Many things have changed since 1994, when the first hint of arc-rated (AR) materials hit the utilities. Back then, the best practice was to wear cotton jeans, heavy cotton shirts and heavy cotton-shell winter wear. Other personal protective equipment (PPE) like rainwear illustrated an industry problem: There were not many good flame-resistant (FR) clothing options […]

Five PPE Safety Challenges

| Hugh Hoagland
In 2012, both NFPA 70E and the NESC will change personal protective equipment (PPE) and give guidance to utilities and industrial electrical workers that they haven’t previously had. Under NESC 2007, low-voltage (LV) work in utilities had only basic coverage. If 4 cal/cm² arc flash PPE clothing was worn, the company was in compliance. There […]