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Lineman's Wrench

Lowell-Linemans-WrenchThe new 8D-QS Quad Square Lineman’s Wrench from Lowell Corp. packs a number of features to make work easier and safer for lineworkers.

Weighing only 1-3/8 pounds and measuring only 13 inches long, the Quad Square is easy to carry up a pole on a tool belt and is well balanced for easy and safe prolonged use. Its 200 pound-feet of torque delivers serious turning power. Low-profile steel sockets with 36 teeth yield a 10-degree handle throw, making the tool ideal for working faster and safer in tight spots. The investment-cast steel sockets promise excellent strength and accuracy, and a new ratchet engagement design provides smooth operation and quick reversing.

There are four square sizes in the two-sided socket: 1-1/8 inches for 3/4-inch hardware; 1 inch for 5/8-inch nuts; 13/16-inch opening for 1/2-inch hardware; and a 3/4-inch size to handle 1/2-inch lag bolts.

The Quad Square has a 13-inch ergonomic handle with a full-length grip that lets a worker grab the wrench at any point on the handle. High-visibility sockets and grips make it easy to find the tool on a work site or in a toolbox.

The wrench also features Lowell's Bolt-Thru design that lets workers engage nuts on long bolts or all-thread rod.

Lowell Corp.


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