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“Virtual Training, Real Safety: Elevating Skills in Utility Operations”


Be sure to register. If you are unable to attend on the day of this event, you will still receive a link to the webinar recording afterwards so that you can access and view it at your convenience.

Join us for a free sponsored webinar with CM Labs. Utility executives and professionals responsible for workforce development and safety must address the diverse list of hazards facing their operators.

Traditional training methods fall short in preparing operators for these dangers. This is where the power of simulation training comes into play. In this 45-minute virtual tech-talk, Monica Rakoczy, seasoned Utilities safety expert from EnterTRAINING Solutions, and Christa Fairchild, Product Marketing Manager at CM Labs, will discuss how simulated environments offer a safe yet realistic platform for intensive training. Time will be dedicated at the end of the discussion to answer live audience questions.

Learning Objectives:

  • A deep dive into how simulation training addresses these real-world high-risk situations
  • How a combined fun training style and metrics-driven simulation can dramatically improve learning retention
  • A better understanding of how proactive training approaches enhance safety, attract a younger generation, reduce damage to equipment, contribute to less downtime and profit loss, and more
Attendance worth 1 contact hour for certification maintenance.


Christa Fairchild

Christa Fairchild

Product Marketing Manager

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Monica Rakoczy

Monica Rakoczy


CM Labs builds hi-tech solutions to help clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations.

Developer of Vortex Studio, the industry-leading platform for creating real-time interactive simulations within virtual environments, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping and testing.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during this webinar are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Utility Business Media and its employees. It is strongly recommended you discuss any actions or policy changes with your company management prior to implementation.

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