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TB-Renewable-Energy-BrochureThomas & Betts’ brochure, “Electrical Solutions for Renewable Energy,” outlines the company’s product solutions for wind farms and solar voltaic systems. It is organized around product groupings that provide solutions to specific challenges encountered in renewable energy facilities, such as safety, cost reduction and continuous operation, among others. It also indicates which Thomas & Betts product lines are designed to address each of these issues, as well as the services and training the company offers to support many of these lines. The brochure is available through Thomas & Betts sales representatives or online at

Thomas & Betts

SR-Road-TourSherman + Reilly will conduct a 19-city eastern state tour to display and demonstrate its revolutionary new utility stringing equipment aimed at significantly improving the safety of lineworkers in the electric utility industry. The Break Away Road Tour starts September 15 in St. Louis and ends October 16 in Atlanta.

Sherman + Reilly will be highlighting its exclusive Safe-Zone Operator Cab among its new products. It has all-digital controls, joystick operation, digital recording of all job performance and onboard diagnostics ensuring improved machine uptimes.

Joining Sherman + Reilly on the tour will be Greenlee Utility and HD Electric. Greenlee Utility will demonstrate its ergonomic and intelligent battery tool platform with products like the EK425L Gator Battery Powered Crimping Tool, Gator Eye, JRF-4 Universal Cable Stripper and GTS-1930 Saber Cable Stripper. HD Electric will showcase an innovative line of test measurement and control products, like the new HVA High Voltage Digital Ammeter, which features a large LED display designed for taking AC current measurements up to 2000 amps, 25-500 Hz.

A complete list of tour dates and locations can be found on the Sherman + Reilly, Greenlee and HD Electric websites.

Sherman + Reilly

NCCCO-Safety-CardsThe National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators is making available Power Line Safety cards to help operators understand and apply federal OSHA’s new guidelines for operating cranes around power lines. The cards, issued in conjunction with the Florida Crane Safety Alliance, also provide references for best practices based on both consensus standard ANSI B30.5 and OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC.

The laminated, pocket-sized cards unfold from 3.5 inches by 2 inches to 3.5 inches by 10 inches for easy access and reference on the job site.

One side of the card covers essential items to check before starting to lift, including knowing the load, crane configuration and setup, boom configuration, radius of load, proper rigging, environmental concerns, external obstacles, and communication with riggers and qualified lifting personnel. To better implement best practices, these items are cross-referenced by role, indicating which apply to lift directors, crane operators, riggers, signal persons, oilers/trainees and management/supervision.

A flowchart on the reverse of the card helps users navigate the rules for working around power lines detailed in 29 CFR 1926.1408. The flowchart starts with “Identify Work Zone” and works through an extensive decision tree to determine exactly which precautions are necessary according to the OSHA requirements. Table A from the OSHA rule “Minimum Clearance Distances” is also included for easy reference.

Packs of 10 cards are available from NCCCO for $10 each. The order form can be found at

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators

Mobile-Cranes-HandbookCrane Institute of America has announced the availability of the 10th edition of “Mobile Cranes” by James Headley. Filled with useful illustrations, clear explanations and real-world examples, the handbook covers essential topics on crane setup, operation and hazards. The new edition includes important updates reflecting the latest industry standards and best practices.

For the first time, service/mechanics trucks are referenced. Other topics covered in the handbook include cranes types and components; load charts; conditions that reduce capacity; pre-operational inspection; crane setup; working near power lines; operating practices and procedures; and hoisting personnel.

Crane Institute of America

Radians-Arctic-SkullThe Arctic Skull product line from Radians Inc. includes cooling headbands, cooling head shades and a cooling towel.

The company’s new cooling products are made with Advanced Arctic Technology that accelerates the evaporative cooling process to keep users cool for up to five hours. The patent-pending utility and design features cover the use of flexible spandex elements that allow these products to move with the body, not against it, facilitating optimum blood circulation. The color palette for the cooling products line includes blue, high-visibility green, red paisley, blue paisley and digital camo.

The new Arctic Skull cooling products have work, sport and lifestyle applications, and are sold in industrial and hardware retail channels through authorized distributors. To see a demonstration, visit or

Radians Inc.

UST-MUTTThe Multi-Use Technical Tool (M.U.T.T.) is designed for the power distribution and transmission industry’s unique fall protection needs, including emergency rescue and storm recovery applications. The device is intended to be placed in key locations on power utility poles and transmission towers

Read more: Multi-Use Technical Tool

LineWise-Insulated-Work-PlatformThe LineWise IWP-765kV Insulated Work Platform is designed to enhance worker productivity and increase job functions performed with hydraulic telescoping cranes and digger derricks. The platform permits bare-hand work and de-energized line construction, and reduces lineworker fatigue by eliminating the need to climb towers.

Featuring a tried-and-proven design, the IWP-765kV provides electrical insulation to personnel working on live transmission lines and equipment at voltages up to 765 kV. The insulated jib consists of a main structural fiberglass member, which is filament wound with computer-controlled, continuous-roving epoxy/anhydride resin. It’s also sealed with bulkhead covers to minimize maintenance and protect from contaminants that may reduce insulation properties.

The IWP-765kV features a radio control system that provides flexible, precise operation. The control system incorporates fully proportional, state-of-the-art controls. These allow simultaneous operation of the telescope, boom and rotation functions, and enable the operator to better position the platform to suit virtually any job.

Every unit comes standard with a two-person, steel-constructed basket, which can be easily installed and removed by two lineworkers. It features a 600-pound-capacity, 36-inch-by-72-inch platform, with the controls located on the curbside near the top rail.

Minimal setup time is required to install the IWP-765kV on most hydraulic telescoping cranes. Crane specifications are reviewed prior to installation, and field or factory installation is provided standard. Other standard features include test bands and shield, boom-tip bonding straps, cable reel, lanyard attachment(s), current leakage monitor and battery charger. The jib and controls meet or exceed ANSI A92.2, ASME B30.23, CSA Z150 and CSA 225 standards.

Diversified Products

PUPI-EZE-MountGEOTEK, the producer of PUPI fiberglass utility products, has introduced the PUPI EZE-Mount, a new braceless tangent crossarm assembly that joins GEOTEK’s line of PUPI brand electrical distribution and transmission products.

The 8-foot PUPI EZE-Mount tangent assembly weighs just 25 pounds, including all of the required hardware. The system is specifically designed to work with the popular PUPI 2200 series crossarm in standard 8-foot and 10-foot tangent applications. The EZE-Mount is made of tough, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum and designed for use on wood poles.

The PUPI EZE-Mount crossarm assembly is easy to handle and simple to install. The crossarm and mounting hardware are assembled at the pole with just two bolts. No braces are required, so installation is fast. Once installed, the EZE-Mount’s compact design provides maximum clearance for lineworkers and other pole-top equipment.

Standard RUS TYPE 03, 04 and 05 configurations are available. Custom lengths and drill patterns can be requested.


Utility-Solutions-Jumper-AidA Georgia Power employee has invented the Jumper-Aid, which enables mechanical jumpers to be supported on energized distribution lines. The tool easily captures and secures grounding jumper cables, insulated rubber line hose and insulated rubber blankets during maintenance operations. The two-piece jumper hanger is also designed to fit over a cross-arm for added control and flexibility.

The Jumper Aid can support more than 100 pounds while maintaining positive control of temporary jumper cables. The unique scissor action allows a lineworker to open the hanger completely to capture a cross-arm, jumper cable or rubber blanket without disassembly.

At just over 1 pound and only 1 inch thick, the patented Jumper-Aid is lightweight and compact. The high-visibility yellow polymer is very strong even in cold weather.

Product dimensions are 14 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch; product weight is 1 pound, 3 ounces.

Utility Solutions Inc.

Safety-Management-BookA new book is available to help companies establish and implement a sustainable, effective safety management system. “Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult! A Recipe for Creating a Strong and Sustainable Safety Management System” – which is available for purchase at – introduces the proprietary iforSafety program, an easy-to-use, 12-step process to help diverse organizations identify and correct safety problems before they lead to workplace incidents. A free, Web-based companion assessment tool is available to evaluate an organization’s safety culture through benchmarking and repeat evaluations at

The book was authored by Michael L. Miozza, a Certified Safety Professional, Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, Certified Safety and Health Manager, certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, and the founder of the safety consultancy Health and Safety Solutions Inc. Miozza’s book helps readers to understand why they should care about safety management; recognize the No. 1 reason why safety management systems fail and how to ensure theirs is successful; learn the 12 ingredients that comprise a successful safety culture and start impacting the bottom line right away; discover where their organization fits in the five developmental phases of a successful safety culture; learn the do’s and don’ts of achieving a positive safety culture; and create an action plan to achieve safe operations.

Health & Safety Solutions Inc.

LineWise-Temporary-Conductor-SupportLineWise, a division of Diversified Products, offers its Temporary Conductor Support (TCS) for holding energized conductors above crossarms when additional clearance is needed. The TCS is lightweight yet durable, and it attaches to most sizes of crossbars.

Field tested and approved by transmission and distribution maintenance professionals, LineWise’s TCS features a foam-filled fiberglass rod and aluminum wire holder. At 49.5 inches tall, the TCS consists of 32-inch clear-span insulation. It has a vertical load capacity of 300 pounds and a horizontal load capacity of 150 pounds, while weighing only 23.5 pounds itself.

The TCS comes with a wire holder with a spring-loaded latch for easily securing lines, and it uses non-metallic rollers to protect conductors. The unit attaches to crossarms via dual ratchet straps with quick-release ends. It fits crossbar dimensions of 6 inches by 6 inches, 5-3/4 inches by 4-3/4 inches, 4-5/8 inches by 3-5/8 inches and more.



Chinook-PAKsChinook Medical Gear has unveiled its collection of personal aid kits. The Chinook PAK series features six modular, affordable and customizable solutions for personal first aid, plus one comprehensive PAK designed to travel anywhere. Selectively stocked with essential medical supplies, and designed for use in a variety of real-life scenarios, Chinook PAKs are created by the same professionals who design medical kits for the military, fire departments, law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and remote expedition groups.

Each of the seven lightweight, waterproof Chinook PAKs includes professional-grade medical supplies for specific injury types and scenarios, from severe bleeding and burns to instruments and personal protection. Weighing between 5 and 9 ounces, and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, Chinook PAKs provide convenient, affordable solutions to treat injuries wherever they may occur.

PAKs include the MinimalistPAK, a comprehensive selection of first aid supplies in one small kit; BleederPAK, containing combat-proven supplies to help stop severe bleeding quickly; BurnPAK, a compact, burn injury-specific kit; GermPAK, with protective equipment against airborne pathogens, blood, colds and more; MedsPAK, offering a complete selection of over-the-counter medications for common ailments, including headache, hay fever, heartburn, high temperature and dehydration; ToolPAK, containing instruments to remove a splinter, check a fever, cut off a boot and more; and WoundPAK, with supplies to clean, bandage, and wrap wounds ranging from cuts and scrapes to blisters and other minor afflictions.

Chinook PAKs come in resealable, element-proof aLOKSAK bags, which are certified waterproof to 200 feet and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Chinook PAKs are completely air, dust and humidity proof, giving users peace of mind that supplies are ready to use and in ideal condition.

Chinook Medical Gear

Checkers-Grip-GuardCheckers Industrial Safety Products is now offering their lightweight Grip Guard 3-Channel Cable Protectors with patent-pending Gripper Connectors. At an easy-to-handle weight of only 23 pounds, Grip Guard is up to 50 percent lighter than rubber three-channel cable protectors, and up to 33 percent lighter than other polyurethane three-channel cable protectors. This lightweight design maintains its strength or durability, which makes the Grip Guard 3-Channel ideal for entertainment venues, light industrial and utility applications.

Gripper Connectors are one of the unique features of Grip Guard. With a design that ergonomically fits your hand, these connectors allow for easier transport and placement of cable protectors at job sites. Gripper Connectors create a modular system so multiple cable protectors can easily be locked together for any desired length.

Additional features of Grip Guard Cable Protectors include a Snap Fit hinged lid, three individual channels for cables and hoses up to 2.25 inches outside diameter, a patented 5-Bar tread pattern for maximum traction and a recessed carrying handle. Grip Guard Cable Protectors are made from maintenance-free, high-impact absorbing, nonconductive polyurethane that is resistant to oil, fuels and lubricants.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products


PUPI-Pole-Top-ExtensionGEOTEK, the producer of PUPI fiberglass utility products, has introduced a fiberglass pole-top extension, adding to the company’s line of PUPI fiberglass electrical distribution and transmission products.

PUPI pole extensions are attached to the top of utility poles to add 36 to 72 inches of height. They are constructed of lightweight, extremely strong 5-inch-by-5-inch fiberglass beams bolted to a galvanized steel mounting bracket. The mounting bracket can be attached to the top of nearly any pole with a diameter range of 6 to 10 inches. Available in either gray or brown, PUPI pole extensions are completely sealed with a rigid closed-cell foam that permits field drilling and excludes moisture.

PUPI fiberglass pole extensions are easy to handle and install. They are constructed of engineered materials, so their strength is consistent and stays that way over time. Fiberglass resists insects and woodpeckers, and will never rot. Unlike steel, fiberglass is an excellent insulator that never rusts or needs recoating. PUPI pole-top extensions are truly maintenance free, with a service life designed to match or exceed any pole material.

PUPI pole extensions feature exclusive SunGUARD UV-resistant coating, which is thermally bonded to the surface, forming a protective layer that stays smooth and is projected to protect the fiberglass from intense sunlight for 60+ years. Exclusive TorqueGUARD bushings reinforce holes for added strength and prevent any possibility of damage during hardware installation.


Flex-Safe-BarricadeThe lightweight, highly visible and compact Flex-Safe Barricade is ideal for use by utility and construction companies in and around construction sites and work zones. The Flex-Safe Barricade can be set up in under 30 seconds by one person to create a 7-foot-wide safety barrier. The highly visible barricade provides vehicular and pedestrian traffic with a clear and forceful direction.

The convenient locking strap quickly connects several units together, allowing virtually any configuration on any site. The unique X-brace design unfolds to create a versatile and complete perimeter management system. After use, each barricade has the ability to fold down into an extremely compact unit that is easy to carry and convenient to store. The lightweight barricade has a powder-coated finish to resist the elements, and the highly reflective striping on the mesh banner is visible and noticeable under various light conditions.

The NCHRP 350-approved Flex-Safe Barricade and its optional signs are available in Hi-Vis Yellow and Safety Orange colors. The barricade is made in the USA.

Emergency Services Communications
Flex-Safe USA



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