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All-Terrain Vehicle for Utility Workers

ARGO Lineman ATVARGO, a world-leading extreme vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled its new Lineman model geared specifically toward utility workers.

The ultimate all-terrain machine for those who require a durable, robust and dependable job site transporter, the new ARGO Lineman provides customers in the utility industry with extra power, capacity, versatility and safety. Based off of the company’s heavy-duty XTI platform, the ARGO Lineman includes a number of custom improvements to get the job done.

A robust machine that has the load-carrying capacity and power to transport transformers, pull cables or bore footings on the most remote work sites, the heavy-duty Lineman can handle rocks, hills and sand dunes while carrying up to 1,340 pounds (680 kilograms) of payload.

And with add-on attachments ranging from cranes to augers to welding kits and hydraulic power supplies, crews can now bring their tool shop with them anywhere they go, turning their ARGO Lineman vehicle into an extreme terrain workshop.



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