Conductor Lift Snatch Block

Utility Solutions Snatch Block JoomlaUtility Solutions Inc. is set to be the newest U.S. provider of lifting blocks. The company’s Conductor Lift Snatch Block is machined from aluminum, not cast, and will offer a high-quality, USA-made alternative for utilities and contractors. Production has already begun at Utility Solutions’ Hickory, N.C. plant.

Lifting blocks, sometimes called snatch blocks, allow hot-line crews to capture and control overhead conductors and maneuver them into place during construction, maintenance and repair. Most blocks are heavy, imported cast units that are difficult to operate.

Despite weighing only 3 pounds, the pulley lists a 1,500-pound maximum working load rating. In addition, all of the components have been designed with longevity in mind. The lifting eye is 1.25-inch zinc-plated steel, and the machined aluminum sheave, or roller, uses an oil-embedded bronze bearing.

The other noticeable feature of this conductor lift is the spring-loaded one-way gate. It allows a conductor to snap in easily without latches, locks or pins. The gate keeps the conductor captured until operated by a lineworker, and makes using the pulley easier and safer than conventional blocks.

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