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Temporary Pedestrian Ramp and Platform

PSS BoardWalk Ramp JoomlaBoardWalk Ramp, a temporary device, is designed for sidewalk work zones where pedestrian pathways have been rerouted. It provides accessible, detectable and safe guidance wherever temporary, alternate pedestrian access routes cross curbs or other obstacles.

One problem pedestrians encounter – especially those pedestrians who have limited vision or mobility issues – is when an alternate pathway requires them to negotiate a change in elevation, such as a curb. For example, pedestrians in wheelchairs usually cannot cross a curb of several inches in height. Pedestrians of limited vision may have difficulty recognizing a full curb in the temporary pathway.

Specifically, pedestrians usually encounter the following situations in sidewalk work zones:
• A street crossing is closed, and the pedestrian pathway must be rerouted. The alternate pedestrian pathway is routed to a temporary crosswalk, which usually includes a curb, if the temporary crosswalk is midblock.
• The sidewalk is closed, and the alternate pathway takes pedestrians into the curb lane to get around the sidewalk construction. Pedestrians usually will encounter a curb in their pathway to the curb lane.

To address both problems, and to satisfy ADA compliance requirements, PSS offers BoardWalk in two configurations.

First is the BoardWalk Ramp. Installed perpendicular to the street, the BoardWalk Ramp provides a safe pathway across the curb and to the temporary crosswalk.

Second is the BoardWalk Ramp and Platform. Installed parallel to the street, BoardWalk Ramp and Platform provides safe guidance and access to the curb lane, when the curb lane is used as the temporary pedestrian access route.

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