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Portable Rumble Strip and Carrier

PSS RoadQuake correct joomlaTo reduce work zone intrusions and help save lives, PSS has designed an innovative traffic safety countermeasure: the RoadQuake 2F Portable Rumble Strip. RoadQuake alerts distracted drivers to changes in road conditions, like your crew working up ahead. Drivers hear a significant audible cue and feel rumbling vibrations as they drive over the strip. This increases alertness in drivers who may be distracted and helps return their attention to the roadway.

To complement the RoadQuake 2F Portable Rumble Strip, PSS also recently introduced the RoadQuake 2F Rumble Strip CRIB Cargo Carrier. The carrier is designed specifically for the transport, deployment, removal and storage of RoadQuake 2F Rumble Strips. It reduces overall deployment and removal time, which means workers have less exposure to traffic when compared to performing those tasks by hand. The CRIB Cargo Carrier won an Innovation Award this February at the 2016 American Traffic Safety Services Association Traffic Expo.

PSS designs, manufactures and markets innovative safety devices that protect drivers, pedestrians and workers in road and sidewalk construction work zones. For more information, or for a demonstration or trial, call 800-662-6338 or visit



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