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Andax Transformer Sac JoomlaDesigned specifically to fit padmount transformers, the Andax Pad Mount Transformer Sac is a complete containment and spill control solution. Once opened, it lies flat, ready for installation. Just lift the transformer inches off the ground and slip the Transformer Sac up and around it.

Other product features include: contains all leaks and reduces cleanup time for equipment and on-site; no more bulky trays or tubs; avoid PCB exposure; compact storage size; and customizable to your exact specs.

Also, be sure to ask about Andax’s Pole Mount Transformer Sacs.


Honeywell Salisbury JoomlaHoneywell Salisbury TriPro Ground Sets feature one of the most compact designs available within the utility industry for efficient and easy installation in live-front pad-mounted transformers and switchgear.

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DICA Cribbing JoomlaUtility crews are often faced with setting outrigger-enabled equipment on sloped or uneven ground. ProStack Cribbing from DICA has been developed with an interlocking design that safely provides additional height under outrigger floats when setting up in uneven ground conditions.

ProStack Cribbing has three basic parts: a base outrigger pad, interlocking cribbing blocks and a high-friction top grip pad. The base ProStack Outrigger Pad is manufactured with a pyramid-shaped surface that interlocks with the cribbing blocks. On top of the base pad, operators stack layers of two 6-inch-by-12-inch-by-24-inch cribbing blocks with the pyramid-shape surface that lock into the base pad. Lastly, a ProStack Grip Pad is placed on top of the stack to protect the pyramid surface on the cribbing blocks and provide a high-friction surface for the outrigger foot.

ProStack is available in three cribbing kit options that include a DR36-2, DR42-2 or DR48-2 base outrigger pad, along with four cribbing blocks and one grip pad. ProStack individual parts also are available for purchase, including Cribbing Wedges, which can be used on sloped surfaces to establish a level foundation under the ProStack Outrigger Pad.


Korman Signs JoomlaSince 1975 Korman Signs Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and distributing highway and construction signage systems. Our 100,000-square-foot facility in Richmond, Va., serves as home base for the production of MUTCD traffic signs and NCHRP-350-approved work zone products including ALPOLIC composite signs, 3M roll-up signs, Type II and III barricades, and portable sign stands. Other products include LightHawk signal backplates, interstate guide signs, signposts, post accessories and pavement markings. We also manufacture a full spectrum of fleet markings and decals.

Our full line of work zone traffic control devices is centered on our uniquely designed portable stands and roll-ups signs. The stands feature a two-stage dual spring that ensures the sign’s visibility at all times and provides stability in high-wind conditions. Sign stand models are available in ultracompact, compact, full-size and heavy-duty variations with steel or aluminum legs. Our reflective roll-up signs feature four heavy-duty cloth pockets along with a set of ribs for bracing. All signs come with a 3/8-inch-thick vertical rib to minimize sign deflection when used with ultracompact sign stands. When used together, the reflective roll-up signs and stands create a safe work environment for everyone.

Korman Signs Inc.

MDI Traffic Control Products JoomlaThe MDI Compact Collapse & Wrap Sign System consists of an MDI Compact sign and a WindMaster sign stand (each sold separately). Once the sign is mounted to the stand, it becomes one unit, and if desired, the sign can stay in place in the stand. To store, the sign quickly collapses using the single trigger release button and wraps around the upright on the stand. The rapid deployment significantly improves safety and efficiency in the work zone. Setup takes less than 20 seconds. An optional flag bracket is available.

MDI also offers collapsible cones with a carrying case. The five-piece set features retroreflective exterior bands and internal illumination. Cones are 30 inches tall when extended and only 2.5 inches by 15.5 inches when collapsed. Each cone weighs 8 pounds and extends and retracts in seconds. Other features include internal flashing or steady-on illumination; sturdy rubber base; and a carrying case to store the cones. This product is MUTCD compliant in height and color.

MDI Worldwide

Utility Solutions Padmount Set JoomlaUtility Solutions Inc. has launched the Padmount Hex Adapter Set, which allows greater access to bus bar connectors inside padgear. The sets are manufactured at the company’s Hickory, N.C., plant.

URD cabinets house electrical connections crucial to distribution systems. Heavy gauge wire connections inside the cabinets use bus bars, which can be difficult to reach. Open-end box wrenches, ratcheting wrenches and socket drivers cannot always engage the Allen head bolts because of obstructions or even the cabinet walls themselves. The low-profile adapter set solves these issues, allowing greater access for most any standard wrench.

The set includes one 3/8-inch and one 5/16-inch adapter with a 3/4-inch hex head, allowing any standard wrench to engage Allen head connectors with as little as half-inch clearance. The low-profile design is made from hardened steel and fits all standard bus bar connectors.

Utility Solutions Inc.

Bigfoot Crane Mats JoomlaBigfoot Outrigger Pads has begun manufacturing crane mats encased in C-channel. The mats are available in thicknesses of 6 inches and 8 inches, with many sizes ranging from 2 feet by 4 feet all the way up to 8 feet by 8 feet with hard wood linings. The mats will last for years of service and are powder-coated in safety orange, or they can be powder-coated in your company colors.

Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1996, Bigfoot has grown from building wood outrigger pads for a few local concrete pumping and crane companies to being a leading wood and plastic outrigger pad manufacturer for OEMs, machine dealers and end users throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Bigfoot Outrigger Pads

LSS Wire Spreading System JoomlaThe Spread Dog Triplex Wire Spreading System consists of the Spread Dog, Lineman’s Chopsticks and Dog Bone. Together, the system’s components make it almost fun to perform a midspan.

The Spread Dog System – designed by Ladder Safety Solutions

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Utility Solutions Snatch Block JoomlaUtility Solutions Inc. is set to be the newest U.S. provider of lifting blocks. The company’s Conductor Lift Snatch Block is machined from aluminum, not cast, and will offer a high-quality, USA-made alternative for utilities and contractors. Production has already begun at Utility Solutions’ Hickory, N.C. plant.

Lifting blocks, sometimes called snatch blocks, allow hot-line crews to capture and control overhead conductors and maneuver them into place during construction, maintenance and repair. Most blocks are heavy, imported cast units that are difficult to operate.

Despite weighing only 3 pounds, the pulley lists a 1,500-pound maximum working load rating. In addition, all of the components have been designed with longevity in mind. The lifting eye is 1.25-inch zinc-plated steel, and the machined aluminum sheave, or roller, uses an oil-embedded bronze bearing.

The other noticeable feature of this conductor lift is the spring-loaded one-way gate. It allows a conductor to snap in easily without latches, locks or pins. The gate keeps the conductor captured until operated by a lineworker, and makes using the pulley easier and safer than conventional blocks.

Utility Solutions Inc.

Rock Mills Lifter Plus JoomlaThe Lifter PLUS from Rock Mills Enterprises complements and builds on the success of the existing Lifter. According to the company, the Lifter is the most innovative product on the market to safely and efficiently remove manhole covers and drainage grates.

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Bullay Bull Station JoomlaThe Bull Station is an all-in-one safety station that helps companies be proactive in terms of safety. It enables a company to remain compliant while making safety convenient for operations. The benefit of using the Bull Station is that it is a way to organize your job site and encourage daily focus on safe work practices. The unit houses materials necessary for workers to do their jobs, and it provides the flexibility to be moved to different projects, making it versatile for a variety of industries. In addition to addressing first aid and fire safety, the Bull Station also can be used as a hydration/shade station. The unit has been used in the oil, construction, mining and farming industries. There are many options to add to your station to assist with compliance and convenience.

Bullay LLC

Milwaukee Utility Bucket Light JoomlaBuilt to survive high voltage and the extreme conditions lineworkers face on a daily basis, Milwaukee Tool’s new M18 LED Utility Bucket Light is specifically designed to attach to utility buckets and features dual rotating heads that provide 2,500 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition light.

Through a patented spring-loaded bucket clamp, the M18 LED Utility Bucket Light is easily adjusted to fit all size bucket lips up to 4 inches. Its low-profile design allows it to stay tight to the bucket so users have peace of mind that it won’t come into contact with branches or utility poles. Whether clamped on the side or in a corner, its small footprint allows more room for other tools in the bucket and added maneuverability for the user.

The bucket light does the work of two lights in one through a dual-rotating head design that allows users to rotate the light heads 180 degrees vertically or horizontally to place the light beam directly where it’s needed. A spot mode helps identify problems from afar; a flood mode provides a broad beam for area and task lighting; and a spot flood mode assists in viewing issues from over 500 yards away, while providing a wider view of the surrounding area to reduce tripping hazards.

Milwaukee Tool

PSS BoardWalk Ramp JoomlaBoardWalk Ramp, a temporary device, is designed for sidewalk work zones where pedestrian pathways have been rerouted. It provides accessible, detectable and safe guidance wherever temporary, alternate pedestrian access routes cross curbs or other obstacles.

One problem pedestrians encounter – especially those pedestrians who have limited vision or mobility issues – is when an alternate pathway requires them to negotiate a change in elevation, such as a curb. For example, pedestrians in wheelchairs usually cannot cross a curb of several inches in height. Pedestrians of limited vision may have difficulty recognizing a full curb in the temporary pathway.

Specifically, pedestrians usually encounter the following situations in sidewalk work zones:
• A street crossing is closed, and the pedestrian pathway must be rerouted. The alternate pedestrian pathway is routed to a temporary crosswalk, which usually includes a curb, if the temporary crosswalk is midblock.
• The sidewalk is closed, and the alternate pathway takes pedestrians into the curb lane to get around the sidewalk construction. Pedestrians usually will encounter a curb in their pathway to the curb lane.

To address both problems, and to satisfy ADA compliance requirements, PSS offers BoardWalk in two configurations.

First is the BoardWalk Ramp. Installed perpendicular to the street, the BoardWalk Ramp provides a safe pathway across the curb and to the temporary crosswalk.

Second is the BoardWalk Ramp and Platform. Installed parallel to the street, BoardWalk Ramp and Platform provides safe guidance and access to the curb lane, when the curb lane is used as the temporary pedestrian access route.

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