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GoLight LED Work LightGolight Inc. has introduced its GXL 4021 fixed-position LED work light. The new light’s fascia measures just 4.5 inches wide by 4 inches tall, has a depth of only 3.5 inches and comes with a 2-inch stainless steel mounting bracket.

The light’s small size and stunning illumination power are byproducts of its space-saving LED cluster design, combining four clusters of four high-powered LEDs to generate a maximum output of 4,500 lumens. The raw power of the light’s 16 LEDs is controlled through the use of three rugged yet versatile polycarbonate lenses. Changing lenses is easy and users can switch between spot, flood and combination spot/flood lenses as the need arises.

The powerful new LED work light has been condensed into a deceptively small format that makes it an extremely versatile light source that is easy to mount virtually anywhere on a vehicle. The light’s hardened aluminum housing is ultraresilient and, combined with the light’s solid-state electronics, has been engineered for extreme super-duty service with an impact G-force survivability rating of 40 G’s.

GoLight Inc.    www.golight.com

BURNDY Contractor Series ToolBURNDY’s new Contractor Series 6-Ton Li-Ion battery platform IN-LINE crimping tool combines performance with an economical purchase price. It maintains the quality and reliability that BURNDY is recognized for and offers crimp speeds with better than industry averages. Fixed, scissor-action crimping jaws are available in three standard configurations, each accepting standard W- and X-style die sets. Features include 350-degree head rotation, ergonomic balance, nonslip grip area, safety-lock feature and an audible pop-off that indicates proper crimp completion.

As with all BURNDY battery-operated tools, the Contractor Series is powered by Makita 18V battery technology. Supplied with the tool is one 3-Ah battery and a charger. BURNDY offers a one-year warranty on Contractor Series tools.

BURNDY    www.burndy.com

Milwaukee Lineman Magnetic DrillMilwaukee Tool has introduced the M18 FUEL 1-1/2” Magnetic Drill and the M18 FUEL 1-1/2” Lineman Magnetic Drill. Part of the premium M18 FUEL line, these new tools are faster than their corded counterparts, deliver the strongest magnetic hold on quarter-inch steel and can drill up to 40 13/16-inch holes per charge.

Whether completely replacing the user’s current magnetic drill or supplementing their corded lineup, the new M18 FUEL Magnetic Drills can benefit any magnetic drill user. With a focus on vertical and overhead drilling environments, Milwaukee has improved the traditional ergonomic design of the tools to speed up the positioning and drilling process in these orientations.

In addition, the new products feature a patented magnetic base that delivers safer drilling in quarter-inch steel by providing the strongest magnetic hold on this material. The new tools use permanent magnets so the magnetic base operates without electricity, ensuring the magnet does not deactivate if the battery is drained. Equipped with auto-stop liftoff detection, power to the motor is automatically cut if excess rotational motion is detected while drilling.

Milwaukee Tool    www.milwaukeetool.com

Loftness Tree TrimmerLoftness Specialized Equipment has released a new version of its Kwik-Trim compact mechanical tree trimmer for right-of-way maintenance work. Featuring an upgraded chassis and powertrain, the new unit offers more horsepower, increased stability and easier maintenance than the previous model.

Equipped with a turbocharged 47.6-horsepower diesel engine, the Kwik-Trim meets Tier 4 compliance without requiring diesel exhaust fluid. In addition to producing more power, the updated engine provides superior fuel efficiency.

Compared with the previous Kwik-Trim model, the new unit is approximately 800 pounds heavier with an operating footprint that is 7 inches wider and 7 inches longer, helping to maximize stability on difficult terrain. Despite the increases in size and weight, the unit is still compact enough to access tight job sites and light enough to be towed behind a pickup. A new hose reel mount eliminates the need for external boom support during road transport.

Loftness Specialized Equipment    www.loftness.com

LineWise Buddy BushingThe new Buddy Bushing from LineWise increases the lifespan and strength of the crossarm attachment in transmission lines. Designed by Buddy Phillips, a Georgia Power line specialist with more than four decades of experience, the innovative device is a cost-effective measure that mitigates wear issues, inspection time and expensive repair or replacement.

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Wolmanized FireSheath CoatingNo longer does fire have to be a threat to utility poles. FireSheath, a field-applied fire-retardant coating, will help protect poles against the common types of fire that can damage them. Applied by brush, roller or power sprayer, the intumescent coating foams up in the event of a fire, creating char that insulates underlying wood from the fire's heat.

In an ASTM E84 tunnel test, wood coated with the formula qualified as a Class A fire-retardant material, with a flame spread rating of 5 and a smoke developed rating of 65. Whether used as a preventive measure against periodic brush fires, applied prior to a controlled burn for an extra measure of safety or put on poles ahead of an oncoming fire, FireSheath coating can save poles and prevent outages. The coating will remain effective for several years, depending on application, weather and incursion and duration of fires. The product is packaged in 5-gallon pails, which is enough to cover approximately 750 square feet of surface.

Arch Wood Protection    http://hd.wolmanizedwood.com/applications/utility-poles/firesheath.aspx

HDE ClearTestThe ClearTest Transformer Tester provides quick and easy tests of de-energized power distribution system transformers. It is a hand-held device with a single push-button that provides a clear indication of open circuits and short circuits, including shorted turns or shorted windings and confirmation that test results are OK.

The ClearTest Transformer Tester is a completely new design that briefly energizes the transformer and takes a snapshot of the transformer condition by measuring the voltage, current and power factor of the test signal. The tester finds transformer defects that include a single shorted turn in the primary or secondary side of a transformer; open coils or blown internal fuses or breakers; partial shorts including shorted turns, shorted turn layers, coil-to-core shorts and primary-to-secondary shorts; and bad transformer ratios resulting from shorted turns.

ClearTest Transformer Testers look both inside and outside the transformer, testing the coil, core and winding as well as between the transformer and whatever it is connected to.

HD Electric Co.    www.hdelectriccompany.com

Robison-Safety-ClampThe Reel and Wire Safety Clamp was designed so lineworkers won't be at risk of being struck in the face by the loose end of a conductor or hitting their thumb or fingers with a hammer while securing the wire back to the wooden reel. The clamp is all steel with stainless steel threads and nut. It is powder-coated with high-visibility yellow for safety. It comes with a 5-foot nylon lanyard with a brass snap to prevent it from leaving the line truck or wire trailer. The clamp is available in two styles: one for overhead conductor, which comes with three different sizes of wedge clamps to secure almost all sizes of wire, and another for underground conductor. Both will fit a reel that is 3.5 inches thick. The URD clamp weighs almost 8 pounds and the overhead clamp weighs nearly 4 pounds. The clamps attach and detach with ease.

Robison Enterprises    www.reelandwiresafetyclamp.com

LineWise-Line-LifterField-tested and approved by transmission and distribution maintenance professionals, the LineWise ELL-161kV Energized Line Lifter will support an energized line with the same crane being used to hold other energized conductors. This increases crew efficiency by freeing up bucket trucks or other equipment previously dedicated to holding the line, thereby allowing lineworkers to make use of the equipment for other functions.

The ELL-161kV has a lift capacity of 2,500 pounds, making it capable of picking up energized lines with greater spans between poles. A dual/bundle lifter is offered as an optional feature on the ELL-161kV. Test bands, corona rings and other options are also available to meet the work practices of individual utility companies.

At 10 feet in length, the ELL-161kV provides ample clearance from the crane and other energized lines. It also features angular adjustments to meet the needs of various applications. The jib on the ELL-161kV is constructed of continuous roving, filament-wound fiberglass and includes an additional finish over the fiberglass gel coat for added durability. The ELL-161kV is tested to 161 kV and exceeds the applicable requirements of ANSI A92.2 and ASME B30.5. Installation of the ELL-161kV is simple and can be performed in a matter of minutes.

LineWise    www.diversifiedproduct.com

Zistos-Video-InspectionsReduce ladder fall injuries by conducting inspections from the ground with a portable video inspection system from Zistos. A camera mounted to a telescoping pole can reach up to 40 feet without a ladder. With several camera options and DVR capability, Zistos’ systems offer safe inspection results. www.zistos.com

Lowell-Linemans-WrenchThe new 8D-QS Quad Square Lineman’s Wrench from Lowell Corp. packs a number of features to make work easier and safer for lineworkers.

Weighing only 1-3/8 pounds and measuring only 13 inches long, the Quad Square is easy to carry up a pole on a tool belt and is well

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HD-Electric-Cable-IdentifierHD Electric Co.'s 3ID Three Phase Cable Identifier identifies the correct phases on long lengths of de-energized and discharged overhead and underground cables. It includes a sender and receiver that are designed to be hand-held with or without gloves. Because of its higher test voltage, the 3ID can test long lengths of cable. LEDs on both units indicate when the 3ID is connected to the same phases on each end of a cable or any shorted phases.

Cable Identifier features include a user’s ability to quickly and easily identify all three cable phases simultaneously as well as any shorted phases; higher test voltage that allows for testing of longer cable lengths (tested up to seven miles of cable); compact, lightweight and easy-to-use design; superbright LED indicators; large copper alligator clips with heavy-duty boots; and a low-battery indicator.

HD Electric Co.    www.hdelectriccompany.com

Greenlee-Crimping-ToolGreenlee/A Textron Company has added to its extensive line of crimping tools with the new 6-ton Pistol Grip, model EK622PLU. This crimping tool offers the ergonomics, intelligence and accountability that is found in all Greenlee Gator crimping products.

The 6-ton Pistol Grip was developed for underground and overhead utility applications, as well as industrial and commercial environments. At just 6.5 pounds, its lightweight, ergonomic design is perfect for work in overhead or tight environments. This crimper offers a two-stage hydraulic system that has fast feed and power stroke features, automated retraction and single-trigger operation controls.

The new crimping tool comes with proven Intelli-CRIMP technology that monitors the tool 32 times every second, and is the most intelligent crimping tool on the market today. Its compatibility with Greenlee’s Gator Eye allows users to get the most from their tool with the ability to track work history, generate reports and performance logs, and receive indications when the tool needs to be recalibrated. Visit www.youtube.com/greenleedemo for product videos and demonstrations.

Greenlee    www.greenlee.com


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