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The JackJaw model JJ0400 is a new favorite tool for a nJackJaw Puller Joomlaumber of utilities across the country. It enables operators to pull ground rods and gas probes effortlessly and quickly with no back strain. The tool’s folding lever arm design allows it to be stored in drawers and cabinets on service trucks for easy, quick access when needed. Check out the JackJaw model JJ0400 in person at the iP Utility Safety Conference & Expo November 2-3 in Glendale, Ariz. (www.utilitysafetyconference.com). For more information about the tool, contact Bob Anderson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (937) 609-8937.

Construction Accessories Inc.    www.jackjaw.com

DICA Outrigger PadsDICA, manufacturer of SafetyTech Outrigger Pads, has introduced a new product line designed for the high-visibility needs of the electric utility and tree care industries.

According to the company, its yellow and orange outrigger pads have been available as a custom option for a number of years, and now they have been added to DICA’s standard SafetyTech line of outrigger pads.

High-visibility yellow and orange provide a clear visual reminder to think and act safely when setting up equipment on outrigger pads. Further, both yellow and orange contrast with the ground and paved surfaces, reducing the potential for lost pads.

Made from DICA’s premium engineered thermoplastic material, yellow and orange D1818 and D2424 outrigger pads are designed for stabilizer-enabled equipment, which is common in electric utility and tree care applications. The high-visibility outrigger pads are available in 18-inch-by-18-inch-by-1-inch and 24-inch-by-24-inch-by-1-inch sizes. They are medium-duty models with strength capacity of 100,000 pounds. Like all SafetyTech outrigger pads, the yellow and orange pads are backed by DICA’s unbreakable guarantee.

The full line of SafetyTech outrigger pads, including heavy-duty models, can be special-ordered with high-visibility yellow or orange options. Additional lead times apply.

DICA    www.dicausa.com

Utility Solutions Stick StopperUtility Solutions Inc. has introduced the BLUE STRIPE Telescopic Stick Stopper, which attaches to any telescopic stick to provide a lock system that keeps sections together. This new rubber product also creates a handle and provides surface protection when stored.

Lineworkers storing and transporting telescopic sticks routinely struggle to keep the sliding sections from unexpectedly extending when carrying sticks on their shoulders or pulling sticks from storage tubes. The Telescopic Stick Stopper quickly and safely solves this problem.

The Stick Stopper is made from an EDPM rubber, similar to insulating rubber blankets. It is durable and UV resistant. The large opening accommodates several sizes of telescopic sticks, while the narrow end easily slides over a hot-stick probe. Once installed, a lineworker can easily release the probe end and the Telescopic Stick Stopper stays fastened to the stick. A video of the Stick Stopper in action can be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL_l257yMnQ.

The Stick Stopper is available in three sizes to fit any brand of telescopic stick from 25 feet to 50 feet. Customers can also purchase a six-pack option.

Utility Solutions Inc.    www.utilitysolutionsinc.com

HD Electric Digital VoltmeterHD Electric Co., a Textron Inc. company, has launched its new Double Vision Dual Display Digital Voltmeter, a compact, high-accuracy dual display voltmeter and phasing set with capacitive test point mode and peak hold. It can be used in both overhead and underground applications and is accurate and repeatable to within 1 percent. The voltmeter is lightweight, and its weather-resistant construction is ideal for use in tight work environments with minimum approach distances or with storm duty during disaster relief.

The Dual Display Digital Voltmeter, model DDVM-40, measures voltage from 5V to 40kV, and the voltage is displayed on the two large, bright LED displays that can easily be read from a distance or in bright conditions. The two LED displays are synchronized so that the same voltage reading is shown on both displays. There is also a dual battery monitor with automatic shutoff.

The Dual Display Digital Voltmeter has a single button interface that controls all modes, including line-to-line measurements, line-to-ground measurements, capacitive test point, cable fault testing, and real-time and peak-hold reporting.

HD Electric Co.    www.hdelectriccompany.com

LIFTPLAQ Manhole Cover RemoverThe LIFTPLAQ tool allows manhole covers and road stoppers to be removed in a safe manner. The mechanical assembly is fitted with a powerful magnet, connecting firmly to covers and road plates. It is ideal for personnel working on dry and wet networks and can be fitted with extensions to suit large manhole covers. The ergonomic design allows workers to lift covers with their backs straight and knees bent. There is no contact between the operator’s hands and the cover. The unit is easy to move and requires minimal storage space.

LIFTPLAQ US LLC    www.liftplaq.us

LineWise Guard ArmThe new Folding Guard Arm from LineWise is a versatile attachment for boom trucks, digger derricks and various cranes. It simplifies conductor repairs and maintenance – jobs previously held by cumbersome wooden guard structures, homemade guard arms, and bucket or boom trucks fitted with 4x4s. The Folding Guard Arm has a stamped serial number plate fixed to the assembly to inform users of the rated load.

The Folding Guard Arm is useful for providing extra protection around highways and railroads where power lines cross. When either removing or installing a conductor, it keeps the travel route clear if a conductor or pulling rope droops too low. Through careful planning, the Folding Guard Arm will never touch the pulling rope or conductor.

Weighing 370 pounds, the Folding Guard Arm has a capacity of 1,000 pounds when attached to equipment with a load capacity of at least 1,370 pounds. It comes equipped with three lifting rings to assist in mounting, and folds easily for transportation or storage. Overall dimensions are 96 inches by 36.5 inches by 54 inches when in use, and a compact 80.25 inches by 17 inches by 30.25 inches when folded. With vertical and horizontal rollers, the conductor will not be scarred should it come into contact with the rollers. The Folding Guard Arm can be manually adjusted radially at ground level to allow the crane to be set at different positions. Rotary adjustments and boom angle adjustments make precision applications possible from almost any approach.

Diversified Products    www.diversifiedproduct.com

Utility Solutions Hot StickUtility Solutions Inc. has introduced a BLUE STRIPE Heavy Duty Telescopic Hot Stick that is reported to be stronger than the competition.

Hot-line workers using load-break tools or operating heavy switches will often exceed the design limitations (pushing, pulling or twisting) of standard telescopic sticks. Utility Solutions Inc. specifically designed their new Heavy Duty Telescopic Hot Stick for such applications. They doubled the wall thickness of section one and modified the company’s non-woven fiberglass process to handle more torque. The wall thickness is nearly double that of a standard foam-filled section, and the machined spline end assembly is pinned and glued for higher torque applications.

All BLUE STRIPE telescopic sticks use an epoxy resin and feature a unique non-woven fiberglass construction process that creates a smooth, durable surface that resists water absorption. The patented BLUE STRIPE feature takes the hassle out of lining up buttons.

The Heavy Duty Telescopic Stick meets all applicable industry standards, including ASTM F1826, and is available in sizes from 16 to 40 feet.

Utility Solutions Inc.    www.utilitysolutionsinc.com

VelocityEHS Ergonomics SoftwareVelocityEHS, an environmental, health, safety and sustainability software provider, is adding an ergonomic solution to its comprehensive EHS platform with the acquisition of ErgoAdvocate, a Web-based system that empowers employees to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

With musculoskeletal disorders reported as some of the most common and costly work-related injuries, nearly every employer faces risks associated with ergonomic injuries suffered by its staff. The VelocityEHS Ergonomics solution provides expert online assessment and training so businesses can reach more employees at a lower cost than traditional consulting programs, as well as decrease the expenses associated with worker injury. It helps employers of all sizes reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders by identifying problems, providing training and assisting employees in self-correcting issues.

The VelocityEHS Ergonomics solution will further strengthen a company’s single-point EHS management platform approach to controlling risk and managing EHS compliance. Current capabilities of the VelocityEHS Platform include incident management, audits and inspections, compliance management, corrective actions, change management, chemical management, risk analysis, performance metrics and training management.

For an infographic that outlines how ergonomics assessment and training software minimizes the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and reduces the costs associated with lost productivity and injury expenses, visit www.ehs.com/resources/white-papers-and-guides/ergo-infographic.

VelocityEHS    www.ehs.com

MINI Wire BrushMADI has introduced the MINI FlatRound Wire Brush, specifically built for distribution work. The tool is uniquely designed to make wire brushing easier and more convenient than ever. The MINI FlatRound Wire Brush has two brushing surfaces: one side for flat connections and the other for round connections.

The flat wire brush can be used on any flat surface, such as pads on the pad-mounted transformer, hylugs and all cable – round to flat connectors. The round wire brush covers conductors up to 1,000 MCM, which includes most distribution conductors. The WB-1 Small Wire Brush fits both ends and is easily replaceable. This is the same wire brush that fits the BrushBlade Lineman Knife.

The MINI FlatRound Wire Brush is durable, lightweight at less than a half-pound and made of non-conductive material. The design of this tool eliminates lineworker hand and leg discomfort currently experienced with some other wire brushes. The built-in snap ring makes it easy to store on belts or in bucket trucks.

MADI    www.madillc.com

Yale FortisSpecialty synthetic rope manufacturer Yale Cordage has added Fortis2 – a new heavy-lift multipart sling – to its growing line of industrial products.

Built with Yale’s proprietary Unitrex XS Max Wear cable, the Fortis2 Sling has the tensile strength and stiffness of steel wire at one-fifth of the weight. Because Fortis2 Slings are so much lighter than their wire counterparts, they’re naturally easier to rig. What once took hours and involved a crane or other mechanical assistance can now be done manually by one or two workers and takes just minutes.

Fortis2 Slings don’t pose the same safety hazards of wire, such as broken strands, sharp edges, birdcaging and jaggers. When left in an outdoor yard, they won’t absorb water, freeze or rust, and they’re also easier to inspect than wire multipart slings.

Yale’s electric utility customers already use the Fortis2 Sling’s cordage material, Unitrex XS, in a variety of ways: as a stringing line, bull line, mooring line and more. It’s optimized for high strength, long wear and impressive resilience to water, salt and corrosion, starting with a load-bearing Honeywell Spectra core that’s braided in parallel for extra strength and stiffness. The rope is then encased with a neoprene layer and overbraided with abrasion-resistant polyester.

Fortis2 Slings are available in a variety of lengths that can be custom-fitted by Yale Cordage’s engineers. Full specifications are available on the company’s website.

Yale Cordage    www.yalecordage.com

HD Electric Capacitor ControlsHD Electric Co.’s VarCom 2600 Communicating Capacitor Controls provide remote control from central Volt-VAR, CVR, DMS or SCADA systems and can control capacitor banks using combinations of ambient temperature, time, voltage, current and kVAR. Based on existing field-proven design, VarCom controls have an easy-to-use, field-friendly control panel and work with any DNP 3.0 application. Communications can be provided from the HD Electric Co. factory or added to any VarCom control in the field.

Visit HD Electric Co.’s website to view a capacitor control product presentation that covers the company’s entire line of capacitor controls, features and options.

HD Electric Co.    www.hdelectriccompany.com

Rock Mills Lifter PlusRock Mills Enterprises has introduced the Lifter PLUS, which complements and builds on the success of the existing Lifter. According to the company, the Lifter is the most innovative product on the market to safely and efficiently remove manhole covers and drainage grates. In most cases, removing covers and grates is as simple as pushing a button on a remote control.

The Lifter PLUS delivers 3,500 pounds of magnetic gripping capacity. This added capacity directly addresses the need for a more powerful tool to remove very heavy covers that may also have rib and lettering designs. The added magnetic gripping capacity allows the magnet to compensate for reduced surface contact area and deliver exceptional lifting capability.

The Lifter PLUS comes with the two options now available with The Lifter. It is offered with or without the roadway camera and dash monitor. In addition, Rock Mills Enterprises is introducing a new 30-inch swing arm with 600 pounds of load capacity. This addresses the demand for a swing arm with longer reach and greater load capacity.

Rock Mills Enterprises    www.rockmillsent.com

LineWise Base PlateIn the past, it was necessary to shut down an entire transmission line when repairing a high-voltage structure. The new, patented Hot Line Base Plate from LineWise safely eliminates this issue, while mitigating risks and reducing costs during emergency repairs.

Developed by Georgia Power’s Alan Holloman, the Hot Line Base Plate holds a conductor in place during planned construction or emergency repairs without the need to bore holes or for unique banding. It quickly and safely allows transmission crews to install a non-ceramic insulator on a tubular steel, concrete or wood pole.

This versatility greatly increases the speed and efficiency of transmission live-line work. In conjunction with a material-handling aerial device or line truck, the implementation of the Hot Line Base Plate in Georgia Power fieldwork has shown to reduce maintenance time by 50 percent; a job that might take a full workday is cut to just four hours.

Capacity is another advantage of the Hot Line Base Plate. The plate boasts two heavy-duty straps reinforced with chaffing pads to reduce the likelihood of strap damage. Not only does this dual-strap design reduce outage time when replacing failed arms or post insulators, but it also means the Hot Line Base Plate can safely hold up to 1,600 pounds – a half-ton more than comparable single-strap models. Plus, with the addition of a single-strap upper attachment that allows for triangulated bracing, the plate’s load capacity increases to 4,000 pounds, which is the highest load rating available for similar temporary pole mounts.

LineWise    www.diversifiedproduct.com

William Frick SmartCATSave considerable time and reduce errors using the SmartCAT RFID Asset Tracking System from William Frick & Co. SmartCAT helps you replace handwritten maintenance and inspection reports, surveys and inventory forms. Use it to track a variety of assets, including pole-top transformers, high-voltage insulators and tools.

SmartCAT comes ready to use – no specialized software or service contracts are required. It combines an automated data collection app, durable RFID tags and a rugged hand-held UHF RFID reader featuring barcode and GPS capabilities. Integrate SmartCAT with your existing GIS or legacy asset management systems to create reports.

William Frick & Co.    www.smartcatrfid.com


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