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Telescopic Stick Stopper

Utility Solutions Stick StopperUtility Solutions Inc. has introduced the BLUE STRIPE Telescopic Stick Stopper, which attaches to any telescopic stick to provide a lock system that keeps sections together. This new rubber product also creates a handle and provides surface protection when stored.

Lineworkers storing and transporting telescopic sticks routinely struggle to keep the sliding sections from unexpectedly extending when carrying sticks on their shoulders or pulling sticks from storage tubes. The Telescopic Stick Stopper quickly and safely solves this problem.

The Stick Stopper is made from an EDPM rubber, similar to insulating rubber blankets. It is durable and UV resistant. The large opening accommodates several sizes of telescopic sticks, while the narrow end easily slides over a hot-stick probe. Once installed, a lineworker can easily release the probe end and the Telescopic Stick Stopper stays fastened to the stick. A video of the Stick Stopper in action can be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL_l257yMnQ.

The Stick Stopper is available in three sizes to fit any brand of telescopic stick from 25 feet to 50 feet. Customers can also purchase a six-pack option.

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