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Heavy-Lift Multipart Sling

Yale FortisSpecialty synthetic rope manufacturer Yale Cordage has added Fortis2 – a new heavy-lift multipart sling – to its growing line of industrial products.

Built with Yale’s proprietary Unitrex XS Max Wear cable, the Fortis2 Sling has the tensile strength and stiffness of steel wire at one-fifth of the weight. Because Fortis2 Slings are so much lighter than their wire counterparts, they’re naturally easier to rig. What once took hours and involved a crane or other mechanical assistance can now be done manually by one or two workers and takes just minutes.

Fortis2 Slings don’t pose the same safety hazards of wire, such as broken strands, sharp edges, birdcaging and jaggers. When left in an outdoor yard, they won’t absorb water, freeze or rust, and they’re also easier to inspect than wire multipart slings.

Yale’s electric utility customers already use the Fortis2 Sling’s cordage material, Unitrex XS, in a variety of ways: as a stringing line, bull line, mooring line and more. It’s optimized for high strength, long wear and impressive resilience to water, salt and corrosion, starting with a load-bearing Honeywell Spectra core that’s braided in parallel for extra strength and stiffness. The rope is then encased with a neoprene layer and overbraided with abrasion-resistant polyester.

Fortis2 Slings are available in a variety of lengths that can be custom-fitted by Yale Cordage’s engineers. Full specifications are available on the company’s website.

Yale Cordage    www.yalecordage.com


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