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Battery-Powered Hydraulic Tools

Sherman Reilly Hydraulic Tools JoomlaSherman + Reilly now offers a new line of Next Generation battery-powered hydraulic tools. The superior design of these new Next Generation tools includes real-time communication technology, improved ergonomics focused on optimizing the tool’s center of gravity and more power with an enhanced Makita battery platform.

Tools in the new Next Generation line include 6-, 12- and 15-ton crimping tools, cable and bolt cutters, and a 10K psi pump with removable heads that have the capabilities to do both.

Each product in this new line of tools features Bluetooth communication technology that allows electricians to wirelessly manage their tools. This feature provides access to tool history, monitors service timelines and customizes tool operations to suit the worker’s preferences. Each Next Generation crimping tool is equipped with Intelli-CRIMP technology, a unique pressure sensor that monitors the crimping process, ensuring the correct amount of pressure is applied to each crimp. Some tools are equipped with Auto Retraction Stop, which retracts the ram just enough to prepare the tool for the next cycle, saving time and energy. Additionally, there are tools with Retraction Stop Repeat, which allows the operator to partially retract the ram and repeat that retraction for subsequent crimps. Tools equipped with this feature emit audible and visual alerts when a crimp is below specifications.

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