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Worksite Safety

Crane Mats Encased in C-Channel

Bigfoot Crane Mats JoomlaBigfoot Outrigger Pads has begun manufacturing crane mats encased in C-channel. The mats are available in thicknesses of 6 inches and 8 inches, with many sizes ranging from 2 feet by 4 feet all the way up to 8 feet by 8 feet with hard wood linings. The mats will last for years of service and are powder-coated in safety orange, or they can be powder-coated in your company colors.

Founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1996, Bigfoot has grown from building wood outrigger pads for a few local concrete pumping and crane companies to being a leading wood and plastic outrigger pad manufacturer for OEMs, machine dealers and end users throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Bigfoot Outrigger Pads

Wire Spreading System

LSS Wire Spreading System JoomlaThe Spread Dog Triplex Wire Spreading System consists of the Spread Dog, Lineman’s Chopsticks and Dog Bone. Together, the system’s components make it almost fun to perform a midspan.

The Spread Dog System – designed by Ladder Safety Solutions

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Conductor Lift Snatch Block

Utility Solutions Snatch Block JoomlaUtility Solutions Inc. is set to be the newest U.S. provider of lifting blocks. The company’s Conductor Lift Snatch Block is machined from aluminum, not cast, and will offer a high-quality, USA-made alternative for utilities and contractors. Production has already begun at Utility Solutions’ Hickory, N.C. plant.

Lifting blocks, sometimes called snatch blocks, allow hot-line crews to capture and control overhead conductors and maneuver them into place during construction, maintenance and repair. Most blocks are heavy, imported cast units that are difficult to operate.

Despite weighing only 3 pounds, the pulley lists a 1,500-pound maximum working load rating. In addition, all of the components have been designed with longevity in mind. The lifting eye is 1.25-inch zinc-plated steel, and the machined aluminum sheave, or roller, uses an oil-embedded bronze bearing.

The other noticeable feature of this conductor lift is the spring-loaded one-way gate. It allows a conductor to snap in easily without latches, locks or pins. The gate keeps the conductor captured until operated by a lineworker, and makes using the pulley easier and safer than conventional blocks.

Utility Solutions Inc.

Manhole Cover Lifter

Rock Mills Lifter Plus JoomlaThe Lifter PLUS from Rock Mills Enterprises complements and builds on the success of the existing Lifter. According to the company, the Lifter is the most innovative product on the market to safely and efficiently remove manhole covers and drainage grates.

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All-in-One Safety Station

Bullay Bull Station JoomlaThe Bull Station is an all-in-one safety station that helps companies be proactive in terms of safety. It enables a company to remain compliant while making safety convenient for operations. The benefit of using the Bull Station is that it is a way to organize your job site and encourage daily focus on safe work practices. The unit houses materials necessary for workers to do their jobs, and it provides the flexibility to be moved to different projects, making it versatile for a variety of industries. In addition to addressing first aid and fire safety, the Bull Station also can be used as a hydration/shade station. The unit has been used in the oil, construction, mining and farming industries. There are many options to add to your station to assist with compliance and convenience.

Bullay LLC

Utility Bucket Light

Milwaukee Utility Bucket Light JoomlaBuilt to survive high voltage and the extreme conditions lineworkers face on a daily basis, Milwaukee Tool’s new M18 LED Utility Bucket Light is specifically designed to attach to utility buckets and features dual rotating heads that provide 2,500 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition light.

Through a patented spring-loaded bucket clamp, the M18 LED Utility Bucket Light is easily adjusted to fit all size bucket lips up to 4 inches. Its low-profile design allows it to stay tight to the bucket so users have peace of mind that it won’t come into contact with branches or utility poles. Whether clamped on the side or in a corner, its small footprint allows more room for other tools in the bucket and added maneuverability for the user.

The bucket light does the work of two lights in one through a dual-rotating head design that allows users to rotate the light heads 180 degrees vertically or horizontally to place the light beam directly where it’s needed. A spot mode helps identify problems from afar; a flood mode provides a broad beam for area and task lighting; and a spot flood mode assists in viewing issues from over 500 yards away, while providing a wider view of the surrounding area to reduce tripping hazards.

Milwaukee Tool


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