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New Utility Safety Products & Services

Voltage Detection Network

HDE LOOKOUT JoomlaHD Electric Co., a Textron Inc. company, has added the LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network to its product offering. The LOOKOUT is a network of voltage detectors that detect strong electric fields surrounding high-voltage conductors and fleet equipment and alert users to nearby dangerous energized conductors before an incident occurs. 

LOOKOUT Detectors detect strong electric fields using WAVi Work Area Voltage Indication technology. The detectors illuminate in a green-yellow-red sequence and emit a loud alarm when an electric field is detected. Alert distances are based on the OSHA 1910.269 standard for qualified electrical workers. The durable, water-resistant housing makes the detectors suitable to be placed on bucket trucks, digger derricks, pulling and tensioning equipment, and drilling equipment, as well as safety cones and fences using strong magnets or available accessories.

Operators can download and use the HDE LOOKOUT mobile app to remotely turn detectors on or off, select system voltage, list connected detectors, check battery levels, perform self-tests, rename connected detectors and receive real-time notifications when voltage is detected.

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