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Rubber Blanket Clamp Pin

Rauckman Clamp Pin JoomlaRauckman Utility Products has introduced a new Rubber Blanket Clamp Pin. These clamp pins use newly developed material and patent-pending design features to provide durability, functionality and economy.

Also known as clothespins, these clamps are used to secure insulating rubber blankets and to provide a stop on conductor to keep line hose from sliding on the conductor. A special molding process provides rubberized, permanently molded clamp tips and jaws that avoid cracking and splitting. Other unique features include an integrated button for securing or attaching blankets, multiple holes for attaching warning tags and shaped ends to enable installation using a shotgun stick. The clamp body is constructed of ultraviolet stabilized lightweight fiberglass reinforced polymer for long life and durability. Two models are available: R-2100 and R-HS2100, which has a built-in hot-stick eye.

Rauckman Utility Products


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