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TriPro Ground Sets

Honeywell Salisbury JoomlaHoneywell Salisbury TriPro Ground Sets feature one of the most compact designs available within the utility industry for efficient and easy installation in live-front pad-mounted transformers and switchgear.

The TriPro Ground Sets have been built with the same quality service you have come to expect from Salisbury and are fully compliant with all ASTM F855-09 requirements.

TriPro assemblies have been designed to fit within the available space and still allow the cabinet door to be closed and latched when required. TriPro Ground Sets feature ideal cable lengths to eliminate extra weight and reduce impedance. To ensure these sets withstand a naturally rough environment, we have included the application of Loctite to all of the clamp jaws for extra reinforcement, and the bolt thread ends are peened to prevent loosening in the field. Clear heat shrink is applied at all stress points for protection from flexing, moisture and other elements. Users can be confident that the TriPro ground sets will provide desirable field durability.

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