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New Utility Safety Products & Services

Electrical and Mechanical Shunt

Classic Connectors ClampStar JOOMLAThe ClampStar solution is a practical, inexpensive strategy to help utilities reduce wire-down incidents and unplanned outages.

ClampStar is an engineered electrical and mechanical shunt that significantly reduces whole-span wire replacement costs when installed over a failed splice or on a damaged portion of conductor, functioning as a permanent bypass electrical connection for virtually all overhead transmission- and distribution-class conductors from 6 AWG to 2515 kcmil.

This solution eliminates replacement of overhead splices and repairs damaged bare conductors through a quick, easy, permanent fix. ClampStar also is used to increase the performance rating of existing splices and other connectors, clamps and fittings for the purpose of increasing line ampacity that may presently be limited by such devices.

With ClampStar, splices, dead-ends and suspension clamps are repaired with no power interruption; connector replacement is no longer required. It easily installs over the existing connector.



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