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Triple Line Lifter for Subtransmission Applications

LineWise Triple Line Lifter JOOMLALineWise has introduced its new TLL-500A Triple Line Lifter for subtransmission applications. The new product is designed to be a low-cost, lightweight solution for supporting three phases of energized conductors from 34.5 kV to 72.5 kV.

The four main components of the TLL-500A are easy to assemble on the job site. The steel mast, which contains a turntable that allows it to swivel up to 15 degrees left or right, quickly pins to digger derrick adapters. The heavy-duty steel crossarm includes wear pads for maximum durability. Aluminum extension arms allow adjustment of the polymer insulators in 3-inch increments from a minimum overall span of 7 feet 4 inches to a maximum span of 16 feet. Insulators can be spaced a minimum of 3 feet 8 inches apart or a maximum of 8 feet apart.

The TLL-500A can be used in a horizontal or vertical configuration. It supports a maximum load of 500 pounds per position with a maximum side load of 200 pounds per position. An optional delta configuration allows operators to hang insulators in a downward position from the insulator sliders. Insulator extender attachments can extend insulators to accommodate pole structures with one conductor that is higher than the rest. A static arm attachment also is available to pick the static line at the same time as the conductors.

The TLL-500A comes in a convenient skid container that allows forklift loading from any side and will fit into standard full-size pickup beds.



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