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Load-Break and Pickup Tool

Utility Solutions Load Break Tool JOOMLAUtility Solutions Inc. has introduced another load-break tool specifically designed for 38-kV systems. The new 38-kV/300-amp portable load-break and pickup tool is the latest version in the company’s popular BREAK-SAFE line. This version introduces continued improvements to the product line and represents the most advanced BREAK-SAFE in Utility Solutions’ 20-year history.

Many utility customers with 38-kV systems have limited options for portable load-break and pickup tools. The BREAK-SAFE is a popular and proven method for hot-line workers to safely install and manage temporary switching capabilities at the job site.

Since its introduction in the late 1990s, the BREAK-SAFE has become an industry standard. Hot-line crews can safely isolate work areas in between installed switches with a lightweight and portable device. Utility Solutions now has five models, including 15, 27, 38 and 46 kV.

The engineering team at Utility Solutions made the 38-kV version as small and light as possible. It is 33 inches long and available in both a floating head model for glove work and a duckbill head for hot sticks.

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