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Mechanical Advantage Kit

Safety One Mechanical Advantage Kit JoomlaThe SafetyOne 4:1 Pick Off Tool is the most innovative, versatile, easy-to-use and cost-effective mechanical advantage kit on the market. Developed based on years of hands-on experience and feedback from rope access and tower professionals, the SafetyOne 4:1 will make your rescue kit complete.

Unlike most mechanical advantage rescue systems, the SafetyOne 4:1 doesn't rely on the structure for an anchor point or even a strap to tie off to. Once you descend to the patient, you simply attach the rope grab to the rescue line and then attach the carabiner to the patient. This system provides more control of an unconscious patient. The SafetyOne 4:1 also incorporates a lower double pulley, which provides a progress capture that is easily controlled with the flip of a lever. All components in the SafetyOne 4:1 are made of lightweight aluminum, and the 20 feet of 8mm cord provides just the right amount of length and strength you'll need to raise a patient. The SafetyOne 4:1 Pick Off Tool weighs in at less than 2 pounds, comes pre-rigged and ready to use, and stores neatly in an accessible storage bag that will fit easily into your rescue kit.

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