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Hard-Hat Light

Princeton Tec Hard Hat Light JOOMLAPrinceton Tec, makers of industry-leading personal lighting products, has introduced the EOS-360 hard-hat light, created to enhance job performance and worker safety.

Built around Princeton Tec’s EOS headlamp, the EOS-360 improves upon the best-selling EOS, connecting it to a durable, rubberized hard-hat band comprised of LEDs and reflective strips. A slip-resistant design keeps the EOS-360’s LED band in place on both standard and wide-brim hard hats. The LED band includes constant-on and safety flash modes, set bright enough to draw attention but not so overwhelmingly bright that the light negatively impacts professionals working in the immediate area.

The EOS headlamp comes standard with spot high, low and strobe modes. The headlamp and the LED band function independently from one another, allowing workers to choose and easily switch between which combination of task lighting and safety lighting they need in various situations.

The EOS-360 gives off 165 lumens from the headlamp’s spot beam, runs on three AAA batteries, is waterproof and weighs 5.75 ounces.

Princeton Tec


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