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High-Performance Protective Garments

Lac Mac Protective Garments JoomlaWhen working with corrosive liquid chemicals, you need to be protected against chemical splashes. The right protective garment assists in reducing worker injury and minimizes the risk for accidental skin contact with chemicals. Choosing protective garments made with GORE Chemical Splash Fabric provides exceptional liquid splash protection without sacrificing comfort, meaning workers won’t resist wearing them. Lac-Mac protective garments made with GORE Chemical Splash Fabrics provide a barrier to several inorganic and organic liquid challenges. Garments made from this unique fabric provide the wearer time necessary to exit the area and follow emergency protocols in case of an accidental splash with a dangerous chemical. If your objective is to reduce potential injuries related to liquid chemical splash, then Lac-Mac’s NFPA 1992 certified garments are an excellent choice. Choose products made by an experienced manufacturer who understands the complexity involved in manufacturing high-performance PPE. For more than 30 years, Lac-Mac has been manufacturing high-quality, liquid-proof, durable, breathable protective garments used throughout various industries, for various applications.



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