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Wearable Arc-Rated Cooling Product

ICEpodz Cooling Product JoomlaUsed by utility workers, firefighters and construction crews, ICEpodz is now the most widely used and most effective cooling product on the market, according to the company.

ICEpodz-FR fills a very critical need within the utility industry, combating heat and humidity to help alleviate and prevent heat-related illness and injury. Our field-tested and approved ARC2-rated PPE delivers dry, frozen, rapid and effective heat relief and has become the industry’s go-to gear for heat mitigation, endorsed by safety personnel across the country.

As the only product that begins cooling from a frozen solid state of 32 degrees, ICEpodz-FR provides the optimal cooling mechanics to maximize results, dissipating heat from the body to manage heat stress, even in 100 percent humidity. The product impacts the circulatory system of the neck, providing a cooling effect that helps workers focus more on their job and less on the heat, allowing for increased cognitive function. Effective, wearable cooling reduces the amount of energy the body needs to stay cool, leaving more energy for the body to utilize for critical tasks.

ICEpodz-FR is the only product that meets all utility industry criteria while exceeding the cooling ability, efficiency and durability of similar products. It is currently being used by companies including Florida Power & Light.



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