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Personal Air-Conditioning Vests

Vortec Air Conditioning Vests JoomlaHeat stress, though often considered during the summer months, is problematic in some industries – including electric utilities – throughout the year. Vortec Personal Air Conditioning Vests (PACs) circulate cool air to minimize temperature-related stress and fatigue, thus improving comfort and productivity.

Vortec PACs use a vortex tube to reduce the temperature of the air circulating through their vests, which diffuses the airflow around the worker’s torso. The circulating air is up to 60 degrees cooler than ambient, keeping workers comfortable even in oppressive environments. Durable, plasticized vests are available in three sizes and provide continuous cooled or warmed air through the perforated lining. They do not restrict movement or absorb sweat or other contaminants, and they can be worn under other protective clothing. Dual-action PACs can easily switch from cold to hot to provide comfort in all seasons.



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