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Fall Protection

Comfort Grip Connector

3M Comfort Grip Connector JOOMLAHard work doesn’t have to be a pain. Protect your hands and connect easier with the 3M DBI-SALA Comfort Grip Connector. This connector is built for workers who need to connect and disconnect efficiently and comfortably in multiple orientations from anchorages used in fall protection applications. This connector is designed to keep your fingers out of the way while allowing the gate to be opened completely. In the event of a fall impact event, the hand-guard pin will shear to allow the connector to align with the direction of the fall and remain securely connected to the anchor.


Self-Retracting Lifeline Series

FallTech SRL Series JOOMLAFallTech has introduced the latest addition to their leading-edge lineup: the DuraTech Personal Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline series. These SRLs are uniquely designed for applications where sharp and abrasive leading edges commonly present fall hazards beyond typical at-height concerns. The lightweight and impact-resistant nylon polymer housing ensures durability, while the proprietary integrated dorsal connector provides quick and straightforward triple-action harness attachment. The DuraTech Personal LE SRLs are designed for overhead anchorage and up to 5 feet below the user’s D-ring. They meet ANSI Z359.11 LE standards and comply with OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.66 regulations. In addition, they feature a 9-foot working length for users weighing up to 310 pounds and are available in single- and twin-leg configurations with steel snap-hook, steel and aluminum rebar hook, and aluminum carabiner lifeline connector options.


Retrofit Back Pad

Buckingham Back Pad JOOMLABuckingham’s new Retrofit Back Pad is designed to easily retrofit onto any Buckingham harness and most other manufacturers’ harnesses as well. It is great for someone who wants to add more comfort to an existing harness with minimal padding. The pad provides you with a lightweight, comfortable, breathable and – most importantly – functional back pad that provides all-day relief on the back and shoulders. Made of a cotton/nylon blend with high-density thermoformed foam inner, the pad features heavy-duty snaps that keep it securely attached to your harness and in place. It meets or exceeds ASTM F887 electric arc performance requirements and ANSI Z359 when used with an equivalently rated harness. Buckingham’s Retrofit Back Pad also is universal in size.

Buckingham Manufacturing

Next-Generation Safety Harnesses

Pure Safety Harness JOOMLAPure Safety Group (PSG), the largest company dedicated solely to fall protection, has unveiled its Guardian Fall Protection S1 safety harness. The S1 is the first in a series of innovative new harnesses designed with three levels of features for various real-life work scenarios. All harnesses meet OSHA standards, exceed ANSI standards and are CSA certified.

The S1 Harness is a rugged utility option for users who need to grab their fall protection gear and safely get to work. It is designed with water-resistant contrasting core webbing, label cover and impact indicators for easy inspection, dual lanyard keepers and durable rubber web keepers. The S1 features steel hardware that includes a three-bar torso adjustment for quick and proper fitting, various connection point options for use in multiple applications and a chest strap captivation for performance. The S1 Harness is available in four sizes for optimal fit.

Building on the S1 Harness, the S3 Harness and the S5 Harness, each with additional, enhanced feature sets and innovative components, will launch in the first quarter of 2019. The harnesses in the S series can be customized.

The S harness series is one of the first major product launches to come from PSG since it combined its Guardian Fall Protection, Checkmate and Ty-Flot companies under one innovation strategy, made up of top engineers, designers and manufacturing experts from around the world.

Pure Safety Group

Full Body Harness

MSA Full Body Harness JOOMLAThe V-FLEX full body harness is the first in a new series of harnesses by MSA. Designed for superior comfort and mobility, the V-FLEX uses MSA’s new, exclusive racing-style design. This design routes webbing across the chest for a secure, more comfortable fit – reducing the need for adjustments throughout the day so workers can focus on the task at hand. The sleek foam padding follows the contours of the shoulder, while cooling airflow channels reduce heat stress for all-day comfort. Reduce time spent donning with the patent-pending RaceFLEX chest connection, designed to make donning intuitive and effortless while eliminating bulky chest straps – just like buckling a seat belt. Inspection is made simpler, with fewer, easy-to-identify stitch patterns, and a dedicated attachment point for personal fall limiters makes attaching them quick and easy.

The V-FLEX harness is suitable for use in multiple work-at-height applications in industries such as construction, general industry, and oil and gas.


Self-Retracting Lifelines

MSA V EDGE JoomlaAs announced in May of this year, the new V-EDGE series from MSA simplifies SRL selection for workers as they are designed specifically for overhead and foot-level tie off – and where leading-edge hazards are a concern.

Using state-of-the-art materials and technology for enhanced user comfort and productivity, the V-EDGE personal fall limiters are available in an 8-foot/2.4-meter galvanized cable unit as well as MSA’s first-ever web unit for leading edge. This web technology, which provides a lighter-weight solution for leading-edge applications, is now available in tie-back versions.

Certified to ANSI Z359.14 leading-edge requirements, the V-EDGE series delivers improved features, increased comfort and a more durable product, ensuring businesses get more value from their investment – and more protection for their people.


EZ Squeeze with Tough Rope

Buckingham EZ Squeeze JoomlaThe EZ Squeeze with Tough Rope is the latest innovation from Buckingham Manufacturing. This new EZ Squeeze model features a reinforced handle for more rigidity, Buckingham’s WebGrab with the new BuckHorn Adjustment Lever that allows the user to make easy one-handed adjustments, and the all-new Tough Rope. Buckingham’s new wear-resistant TrebleKern Tough Rope is constructed with an energy-absorbing nylon core, red braided polyester inner cover (red wear indicator), and an abrasion- and heat-resistant Technora outer cover that eliminates the need for a wear guard.

Buckingham Manufacturing

Leading-Edge Fall Protection Solution

MSA SRLs JoomlaThe new V-EDGE series from MSA simplifies SRL selection for workers as they are designed specifically for overhead and foot-level tie-off – and where leading-edge hazards are a concern.

Using state-of-the-art materials and technology for enhanced user comfort and productivity, the V-EDGE SRLs are available in an 8-foot/2.4-meter galvanized cable unit as well as our first-ever web unit for leading edge. MSA's patent-pending FibreShield web technology now provides a lighter-weight solution for leading-edge applications. For longer lengths, the V-EDGE also is available in a 20-foot/6-meter SRL.

Certified to ANSI Z359.14-2014 leading-edge requirements, the V-EDGE series delivers improved features, increased comfort and a more durable product, ensuring businesses get more value from their investment – and more protection for their people.


Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device

The Bashlin Patriot Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device is the newest and most innovative device of its kind currently on the market. Recently an independent ergonomic comparison test was performed with similar devices by a certified ergonomist with a comprehensive background in utility ergonomics. This side-by-side testing showed the Patriot offers significant ergonomic benefits. The Patriot is lighter than other fall-restricting devices and reduces the overall muscle effort of the user while climbing. The fixed handles minimize wrist deviation and encourage a more neutral wrist position. The outer rope and the rollers on the inner rope reduce surface area on the pole and lessen pole drag when climbing and descending poles both new and old. The Bashlin Patriot’s lightweight, ergonomic design reduces stress on the upper body by allowing classically proper climbing techniques; proper spacing from the pole, knees out and hips back resulted in the Bashlin Patriot being validated as ergonomist approved. The device can be configured for left- or right-handed users and is available for both distribution and transmission applications.

Bashlin Industries

Self-Rescue Kit

TSL Self Rescue Kit JoomlaThe SRK-11 self-rescue kit from Tech Safety Lines has been field tested for over a decade and can be used for the self-rescue of any worker at height, regardless of industry. The kit enables the user to perform an emergency egress/escape if trapped in a bucket or aerial lift. When the kit is used in conjunction with Tech Safety Lines' StepWise Fall Arrest Lanyard, the user is able to perform a true self-rescue. Watch our video at

The SRK-11 utilizes high-heat aramid-fiber rope with a tensile strength exceeding 6,700 pounds. Other features include rope with an extensive chemical resistance from low pH to high pH; rope shelf life of 10 years; the Descender (MCDII) has a dual braking system that consists of both an active brake and a passive brake; the SRK-11 is certified for up to 180 meters, or 600 feet; SRK bags have a no-drop loop stitched inside, which ensures no drop of the descent device during kit access; and the SRK bag is fabricated from a cut-resistant ballistic fabric.

The SRK-11 is third-party certified by UL as meeting ANSI Z359.4-2013. We also offer the SRK-15, which is third-party certified by TÜV SÜD as being CE compliant for EN341: 2011/2D.

Tech Safety Lines

Comfort Grip Connector

3M Grip Connector JoomlaWorking at height requires movement. Workers may need to connect and reconnect their snap hooks dozens of times each day. The new 3M DBI-SALA Comfort Grip Connector from 3M Fall Protection improves connecting and disconnecting while providing flexibility to anchor efficiently and comfortably.
Designed and certified to arrest a fall when loaded in multiple orientations, the Comfort Grip Connector helps provide a 5,000-pound tensile strength as well as up to 3,600 pounds in transverse and gate strengths. When connected to a vertical or transverse application, such as a pipe, the hand-guard pin shears in the event of a fall to allow the connector to align with the direction of the fall and remain securely anchored.
The 3M DBI-SALA Comfort Grip Connector is available on some of 3M Fall Protection’s most popular products, including the EZ-STOP Lanyard, Shockwave2 Lanyard, Nano-Lok Personal SRL and Nano-Lok Edge Personal SRP.


Black Climber Kit

Buckingham Black Climber Kit JOOMLABuckingham Manufacturing’s BuckAlloy Black Climber Kit was developed after listening to customers who wanted a black climber. Given the interest in this type of kit, Buckingham developed a new climber kit to bring all the features of the popular BuckAlloy climbers into one kit.

Read more: Black Climber Kit

Aluminum and Steel Harnesses

Designed for use in construction, general industry, ladder climbing and confined space, the FallTech Journeyman FLEX aluminum and steel harnesses are rated to 425-pound capacity and comply with OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. New design elements – including proprietary CamLock torso adjusters – allow quick and secure adjustments with strategically positioned hip D-rings to optimize work positioning. Available with aluminum or steel hardware, the harnesses offer enhanced padding with air-mesh linings for added comfort throughout the day.


Updated Fall Protection Products

FallTech Contractor Harness JoomlaFallTech recently updated its Contractor+ family of harnesses. The line now offers a more supportive, secure and sturdy fit while adding functional elements for all-day comfort to meet the demanding needs of workers.

Upgrades include new chest slides with integrated lanyard keepers that provide a lower profile and easier attachment points for lanyard connectors; a stiffer waist belt to improve longevity; a waist pad that now includes belt loops and is sewn into the torso straps, keeping the waist pad from slipping; and increased padding, offering superior internal reinforcement to allow better D-ring positioning combined with improved comfort and usability.

The design of the updated Contractor+ family of harnesses provides affordable, durable products that comply with all applicable ANSI and OSHA standards.


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