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TrueFit Harnesses

Buckingham Harnesses WEBBuckingham’s TrueFit Harnesses truly are universal harnesses. Unique adjustment features on both the front and back of each harness make them a perfect choice. The company is now offering the harness in an Economy version and a BuckOhm Dielectric version. Buckingham’s TrueFit line of harnesses are the only universal harnesses on the market and can fit sizes S-3X. Whether you’re 5′1″ and 130 pounds or 6′6″ and 325 pounds, these harnesses will fit you. Economy TrueFit Harnesses are perfect for those who do not need the BuckOhm dielectric hardware and are available in an assortment of options. Features include a dorsal web loop, steel dorsal D-ring, or padded back pad and dorsal web loop. The BuckOhm TrueFit Harnesses feature all the same attributes as the Economy TrueFit Harnesses, except that they are outfitted with all 9-kV-rated dielectric hardware. BuckOhm TrueFit Harnesses also are available in an assortment of options. Features include either a dorsal web loop, dorsal dielectric D-ring or pigtail. Harnesses are available in black or BuckViz Safety Green.

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