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Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device

The Bashlin Patriot Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device is the newest and most innovative device of its kind currently on the market. Recently an independent ergonomic comparison test was performed with similar devices by a certified ergonomist with a comprehensive background in utility ergonomics. This side-by-side testing showed the Patriot offers significant ergonomic benefits. The Patriot is lighter than other fall-restricting devices and reduces the overall muscle effort of the user while climbing. The fixed handles minimize wrist deviation and encourage a more neutral wrist position. The outer rope and the rollers on the inner rope reduce surface area on the pole and lessen pole drag when climbing and descending poles both new and old. The Bashlin Patriot’s lightweight, ergonomic design reduces stress on the upper body by allowing classically proper climbing techniques; proper spacing from the pole, knees out and hips back resulted in the Bashlin Patriot being validated as ergonomist approved. The device can be configured for left- or right-handed users and is available for both distribution and transmission applications.

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