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Self-Rescue Kit

TSL Self Rescue Kit JoomlaThe SRK-11 self-rescue kit from Tech Safety Lines has been field tested for over a decade and can be used for the self-rescue of any worker at height, regardless of industry. The kit enables the user to perform an emergency egress/escape if trapped in a bucket or aerial lift. When the kit is used in conjunction with Tech Safety Lines' StepWise Fall Arrest Lanyard, the user is able to perform a true self-rescue. Watch our video at

The SRK-11 utilizes high-heat aramid-fiber rope with a tensile strength exceeding 6,700 pounds. Other features include rope with an extensive chemical resistance from low pH to high pH; rope shelf life of 10 years; the Descender (MCDII) has a dual braking system that consists of both an active brake and a passive brake; the SRK-11 is certified for up to 180 meters, or 600 feet; SRK bags have a no-drop loop stitched inside, which ensures no drop of the descent device during kit access; and the SRK bag is fabricated from a cut-resistant ballistic fabric.

The SRK-11 is third-party certified by UL as meeting ANSI Z359.4-2013. We also offer the SRK-15, which is third-party certified by TÜV SÜD as being CE compliant for EN341: 2011/2D.

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