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Fall Protection

Adjustable Restraint Lanyards

Malta Restraint Lanyards WEBMalta Dynamics has released its new adjustable restraint lanyards, which offer convenience and flexibility for positioning and restraint on bucket trucks, lifts and similar applications to prevent the possibility of a fall. The new Malta Dynamics Restraint Lanyards meet OSHA 1926, OSHA 1910 and ANSI Z359.3 standards.

The Malta Dynamics Restraint Lanyard easily adjusts from 4 to 6 feet. It attaches via snap hook or carabiner to the back D-ring on a full-body harness or restraint belt and offers flexibility for use in work positioning or fall restraint. The durable 1-inch polyester webbing has a tensile strength of 9,800 pounds, is UV resistant and includes a durable label protector.

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Full-Body Fall Protection Harness

FallTech Harness WEBMost full-body fall protection harnesses haven't changed in decades. They're still tight in all the wrong places, hot, sweaty and restrictive to work in. FallTech went to job sites where real people were doing hazardous work at height and we listened. What was heard time and time again was, “My leg straps leave me chafed and uncomfortable. My shoulder pads are rubbing my neck raw. I'm tired of adjusting the D-ring to keep it from sliding down. My harness makes my back hot and sweaty. The waist belt can't handle the weight of my tools. Positioning my tool bags in the right spot is a real hassle.”

This is why FallTech designed the patent-pending FT-One: to be light in weight, infinitely adjustable and comfortably annoyance-free. We believe that being safe doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Discomfort can slow you down, making you less productive. But flexibility, freedom of movement and ease of use can keep you going full speed ahead. Don’t let the shortcomings of conventional harnesses hamper you. See how the future of fall protection can change the way you work.

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Helmet for Workers at Heights

Bullard Helmet WEBBullard, the inventor of the hard hat, has introduced the CEN10 Helmet designed for men and women working at heights in industries such as utilities, oil and gas, construction, telecommunications and transportation.

The Bullard CEN10 is a perfect mix of modern design and traditional toughness, featuring sleek, low-profile styles in vented and non-vented models; a self-adjusting FlexGlide suspension system; an impact-resistant shell; an inner foam comfort liner; and an integrated three-point chin strap. The CEN10 meets Bullard’s highest standards for industrial toughness, reliability and comfort.

Innovation is at the core of every Bullard product, and the CEN10 sets a new standard with its patented FlexGlide suspension system. FlexGlide lets wearers auto-adjust the fit of their CEN10 Helmet for all-day comfort. Bullard offers the only auto-adjusting suspension on the market, so even the smallest adjustments are possible for workers to achieve the perfect fit.

The CEN10 meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I, Class E and G requirements. Vented models of the CEN10 meet ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I, Class C requirements.

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Technical Partner Program

image Petzl Technical Partner Program WEB 1Petzl’s Professional Division is pleased to announce an innovative new partnership program in the U.S. and Canadian markets. The Petzl Technical Partner (PTP) Program formalizes close-working relationships with experts in vertical environments that demonstrate a thorough understanding of their industry, contribute to the development of industry best practices, and integrate Petzl products and solutions into their teaching curriculum.

The PTP Program was launched in early 2020 with a vision of developing a comprehensive network of training companies to which Petzl may refer business. John Pieper, managing director of Petzl’s Professional Division, explained, “Petzl is focused on designing and manufacturing the most innovative and highest-quality personal protective equipment for working at height. We do not have the depth of in-field and daily-use expertise of the many training companies that use our products.” Petzl’s vision is to partner with the most respected training companies to support their educational efforts, and to deepen our understanding of these industries and their use of our PPE.

The following U.S. and Canadian training organizations have joined the PTP network for 2020: Roco Rescue; TEAM-1 Academy; RNR Rescue; Gravitec; Rigging for Rescue; Elevated Safety; MISTRAS/Ropeworks; and Nouvelle Hauteur. Petzl will develop custom support programs for each of these partners, relative to their business goals and unique industry demands, in order to provide them with access to Petzl’s full complement of sales, marketing and technical resources.

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Retractable Horizontal Lifeline

PSG Horizontal Lifeline WEBPure Safety Group has introduced the Guardian Retractable HLL for use in either fall arrest or fall restraint applications.

During a fall, the Retractable HLL will deploy an extending metal energy absorber designed to reduce peak loads to anchorage structures.

The new Retractable HLL also can be used as part of a fall restraint system, which prevents the worker from reaching the leading edge of a fall hazard.

The main component of the HLL is a 60-foot galvanized cable horizontal lifeline, which is extremely durable yet portable and designed for temporary use. When it has been involved in a fall, its energy absorber clearly indicates that to the user.

This product also features a single-direction tensioner handle that prevents accidental releases and folds down to lay flat along the unit, secured by a magnet to prevent work interference.

The HLL’s hex shaft can connect to a drill to speed retrieval of the lifeline, and its extremely low deflections create low fall clearance for users. The stainless-steel housing and handles are corrosion resistant, which extends the life of the product.

Quick and easy to install, the HLL can accommodate two workers at the same time, at a weight of 130-310 pounds per worker.

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Self-Retracting Lifeline

FallTech Technora WEBFallTech has introduced the 45-foot Technora Rope DuraTech SRL-R. Characteristics of Technora rope are higher temperature resistance, lower weight, lower electrical conductivity and interference properties, no corrosion, excellent cut resistance, lower stretch, superior dynamic load handling and higher strength.

The 45-foot Technora Rope DuraTech SRL-R is designed for long-lasting performance in fall arrest applications where emergency rescue and retrieval also are required in a single device. It features powder-coated, durable aluminum alloy housing with built-in carrying for easy mobility. The carrying handle can serve as an anchorage connection point for overhead use. Included is a mounting bracket for quick and easy connection to tripod or davit systems. This product complies with ANSI Z359.14-2014 Class B, OSHA 1910.140 and OSHA 1926.502.

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Industrial Full-Body Harness

PSG Harness WEBPure Safety Group, manufacturer of fall protection equipment used by workers at height, has introduced the new Checkmate Xplorer industrial full-body harness for fall protection to the U.S. market.

The harness – designed to be more comfortable than conventional harnesses during periods of suspension and frequent loading – features visual alert stitching, an intuitive way for the user to understand the correct way to wear the harness. Its limited-slip dorsal D-ring has a precise amount of vertical adjustment built in and is designed to keep the D-ring in place after multiple loadings. Its large front ring allows for multiple attachments and uses a lightweight aluminum quick-connect buckle to ensure a safe final connection.

Hardware on the Xplorer is specifically designed to be ergonomically suited to the product’s functions, reducing wear on the webbing, allowing easy connections and providing critical pivot points for a greater range of motion. For maximum comfort, the harness features unique curved webbing that follows the contours of the body for a closer fit and an innovative sub-pelvic assembly for greater support and increased comfort during suspension. The Xplorer meets or exceeds the requirements of OSHA 1910.140, OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.11-2014, EN 361:2002, EN 12277:2007 Type A and EN 358:2000.

Pure Safety Group

T-Line Safety System

Elk River Safety System WEBElk River’s T-Line Safety System is a horizontal and vertical lifeline system in one. The installation is quick and easy with spans up to 40 or 80 feet, with no tensioning or adjusting required. The T-Line is suitable for permanent or temporary locations and is very easy to reinstall or move to other locations. The innovative design of the system allows two lifelines on separate self-retracting and self-locking spools. The reels move in opposite directions as the user moves horizontally or vertically. One line pays out while the other retracts. The T-Line will not lock at low speed, allowing the user to move about freely. However, if the user should fall, the pulley brake grips the line and prevents pendular swings. The unit has an integrated rescue winch for easy rescue if a fall should occur. A video is available at The T-Line is a great horizontal fall protection device for working off platforms with no handrails; storage tanks; and tops of trucks, airplanes, buses and service bays.

Elk River

TrueFit Harnesses

Buckingham Harnesses WEBBuckingham’s TrueFit Harnesses truly are universal harnesses. Unique adjustment features on both the front and back of each harness make them a perfect choice. The company is now offering the harness in an Economy version and a BuckOhm Dielectric version. Buckingham’s TrueFit line of harnesses are the only universal harnesses on the market and can fit sizes S-3X. Whether you’re 5′1″ and 130 pounds or 6′6″ and 325 pounds, these harnesses will fit you. Economy TrueFit Harnesses are perfect for those who do not need the BuckOhm dielectric hardware and are available in an assortment of options. Features include a dorsal web loop, steel dorsal D-ring, or padded back pad and dorsal web loop. The BuckOhm TrueFit Harnesses feature all the same attributes as the Economy TrueFit Harnesses, except that they are outfitted with all 9-kV-rated dielectric hardware. BuckOhm TrueFit Harnesses also are available in an assortment of options. Features include either a dorsal web loop, dorsal dielectric D-ring or pigtail. Harnesses are available in black or BuckViz Safety Green.

Buckingham Manufacturing

Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device

Bashlin Patriot WEBThe Bashlin Patriot Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device is the most innovative, easy-to-use device of its kind currently on the market, according to the company. Independent ergonomic comparison testing was performed by a certified ergonomist with a comprehensive background in utility ergonomics. This side-by-side testing showed that the Patriot offers significant ergonomic benefits. At 3.5 pounds, the Patriot is lighter than other fall-restricting devices and reduces overall muscle effort while climbing. The fixed handles minimize wrist deviation and encourage a more neutral wrist position. The Patriot also minimizes stress on the arms and shoulders and can help reduce repetitive motion strains associated with wood pole climbing. The outer rope and the rollers on the inner rope minimize surface area on the pole and lessen pole drag when climbing and descending both new and old poles. The Bashlin Patriot’s lightweight, ergonomic design also eases stress on the upper body by allowing classically proven climbing techniques. The device can be easily configured for left- or right-handed users and is available for both distribution (76PAT) and transmission (76PAT-T) applications. Watch the video at


Single Man Folding Basket

LiftWise Folding Baskets Web2The Diversified Products brand LiftWise has introduced its Single Man Folding Basket for service cranes. It provides fall arrest and fall protection, while helping to eliminate the need for ladders or climbing on equipment. When not in use, the basket’s space-saving design folds for easier transport and storage.

Featuring a large open area for increased productivity, the Single Man Folding Basket has a full-sized floor to accommodate workers and materials. The slotted floor allows water to drain, while the upset holes offer skid resistance. An inward-opening gate provides easy entry into the basket, while minimizing space needed.

The basket is attached to the crane head using an adapter that is specifically built for each customer’s make and model of crane. When finished, crews can easily fold the Single Man Folding Basket in less than a minute.

The Single Man Folding Basket weighs 230 pounds and has a 350-pound capacity. The steel construction of the basket is designed to meet the rigors of contractors and heavy-duty work environments, including utilities, mining and more. It meets or exceeds industry standards ASME B30.5, ASME B30.22, ASME B30.23 and CSA Z150.

Diversified Products

Personal Lifeline System

Petzl Lifeline System WEBThe ASAP Personal Lifeline System is Petzl’s solution for protecting workers from at-height falls with the ASAP mobile fall arrester. An easy-to-use and effective PPE, the ASAP moves freely along the rope without manual intervention. In the case of a fall or sudden acceleration, the device locks onto the rope and stops the worker. One advantage of the ASAP is that the locking mechanism won’t be affected if the user grabs the rope above the device or the device itself.

The personal fall arrest system contains an ASAP mobile fall arrester, an ASAP’SORBER shock absorber, OXAN connectors and the RAY vertical lifeline. When used in conjunction, the system meets ANSI Z359.15 certification.


Horizontal Lifeline

Guardian Horizontal Lifeline WEBGuardian Fall Protection, a Pure Safety Group brand, has unveiled its new HTL Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) for use in fall protection systems. The horizontal anchorage accommodates two workers in fall arrest at 30-, 60- and 100-foot lengths.

The HLL is ultra-lightweight and extremely durable. Due to the double-braided polyester rope functioning as the shock absorber, no inline shock absorber is required. Its built-in, inline tension swivel prevents tangling and keeps the HLL in an optimal position. It features nylon thimbles that protect the rope against wear and prevents loops. The HTL’s lower dynamic sag provides exceptional fall clearances.

The HTL kit includes the rope; tensioner to tighten and secure the lifeline; two O-rings for easy connection and smooth movement along the rope; two double-locking carabiners; two 6-foot crossarm straps; and a convenient carrying and storage bag.

The capacity of the Guardian HTL HLL is 130-310 pounds per worker. This product meets OSHA 1926 Subpart M and OSHA 1910 requirements and is assembled in the USA.

Pure Safety Group

Tripod for Confined Space Environments

PSG Tripod JOOMLAPure Safety Group (PSG), the largest company dedicated solely to fall protection, has introduced the Checkmate TR3 Tripod, used as personal protective equipment to access workers and provide fall protection in confined space environments. The tripod features an innovative new crown and foot design that makes it stronger yet more lightweight than other tripods.

The TR3 is one of 20 new fall protection products PSG is launching in 2019 into the construction, oil and gas, energy, utilities, telecom, mining and transportation industries. It is the first Checkmate product to be launched in North America.

The TR3 tripod legs lock in the open position automatically during use, easily disengage for folding and are adjusted for proper height with captive pins. Detent pins secure them to the tripod using PVC-coated keeper wires. The tripod’s pivoting spiked feet and rubber soles allow for its use on soft or hard surfaces. Its anti-splay webbing, which prevents the tripod legs from splaying under a load, can be neatly tucked into its own housing slot for storage.

When used in conjunction with other Checkmate equipment, the TR3 can be used as an anchorage for suspended work and winch operations and as a secure fall arrest point.

The tripod’s maximum single-user weight for fall arrest, with one operator, is 310 pounds. When used in assisted rescue, the maximum combined capacity load for workers is 620 pounds, and it’s 550 pounds for carrying goods. The tripod meets OSHA standards, exceeds ANSI standards and will be CSA certified.

Pure Safety Group

Self-Retracting Lifelines

Pure Safety Group SRLs JOOMLAPure Safety Group, the largest company dedicated solely to fall protection, has unveiled a new lineup of three self-retracting lifelines. The SRLs – which meet OSHA standards, exceed ANSI standards and will be CSA certified – include the GR11, GR6 and GR6 Tie-Back, all under the company’s Guardian Fall Protection brand. The SRLs feature HPME webbing, which is lightweight and highly resistant to cuts and abrasions.

The Guardian GR11 SRL has a capacity of 11 feet and maximum arrest force of 1,800 pounds. It features durable housing that protects its internal assembly; rubber housing grips for comfort; ergonomic handling and impact resistance; an external shock absorber designed to minimize arrest forces; and multiple snap, rebar hook options that are made of steel or aluminum. The GR11 user capacity is 130-310 pounds.

The Guardian GR6 SRL has a capacity of 6 feet with a maximum arrest force of 1,800 pounds. It features a double-locking carabiner with a 3,600-pound strength gate; durable housing that protects its internal assembly and is sealed and tamperproof; a fall-indicating attachment point that swivels 360 degrees and pivots 180 degrees for optimal orientation; indicator that displays red if the SRL has been exposed to a fall; and multiple snap, rebar hook options. The GR6 SRL user capacity is 130-420 pounds.

The Guardian GR6 Tie-Back SRL has a minimum fall clearance of 6 feet, average arresting force of 1,350 pounds and maximum deceleration distance of 24 inches. It features a double-locking carabiner; durable housing that protects its internal assembly and prevents against contaminants; a load-bearing steel chassis with a structural metallic core; and a fall arrest indicator that shows if the SRL has been exposed to impact.

The Guardian SRLs have a minimum web breaking load of 5,000 pounds and are 3,600-pound gate-rated. All are manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Pure Safety Group


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