2021 iP Powerplay Advertiser Products

Check out these products from iP’s Powerplay Advertisers and meet with many of them September 28 – 30 at the Utility Expo (Formerly ICUEE) in Louisville, Kentucky!

Aircraft Dynamics Co. RoboReels (Booth B1419)

RoboReels have four adjustable arms with five different settings to easily accommodate wire coil sizes from 22 to 31 inches in diameter. Up to half-inch-diameter wire is easily pulled through the wire guide, which comes with a clamping knob to secure the wire during transit. The ball bearings in the RoboReel spindle turn easily when pulling the wire, which comes out in a straight line without any of the curlicues you get with a fixed-wire containment system. RoboReels are made with pride in the USA.

Altec Sentry Operator Training (Booth E128)

Altec’s commitment to customers goes beyond just the investment in designing and manufacturing safe and innovative equipment – we are also dedicated to keeping crews safe on the job. For nearly 20 years, we have helped employers train and certify their equipment operators on safe and proper operation through online or in-person training options. Altec Sentry offers safety training for operators of Altec equipment and provides OSHA- and ANSI-compliant training, including crane and digger derrick operator certification. We are committed to your safety and believe that industry-leading equipment deserves industry-leading training.

Bashlin Industries Climbing Belt (Booth B1226)

Bashlin’s new 88FFX4D Flex-Fit 4 D-Ring Climbing Belt is the only belt currently on the market that allows for adjustment of both the upper and lower D-rings for a custom fit.

Bierer Meters Service Tester 800 (Booth A1614)

The Service Tester 800 (ST800) produces an 800-amp pulse to safely and efficiently test secondaries from meter can to source. Identify and locate bad secondary conductors; identify unmarked secondaries at the source; determine feed in/out at the source; and identify primary cable in a ditch or manhole, energized or de-energized.

Bigfoot Construction Equipment Twilight Pad (Booth N1306)

The Twilight Pad features a magnet-held light with multiple options for working at night. This will bring attention to the setup, equipment and personnel working, plus eliminate tripping hazards. The light is waterproof with a rechargeable battery.

Buckingham Manufacturing Rail System (Booth E1317)

After two years of development and patents pending, Buckingham Manufacturing has partnered with RHINO Utilities to introduce the RHINO Buck-It Rail System. Before the system was available, you’d have your basic setup involving bucket hooks and tool aprons, and you almost never had exactly what you needed. Now, the RHINO Buck-It Rail System lets you customize each tool board, rail and bucket to fit your specific needs. Its patent-pending attachment system allows users to quickly and easily change up how and where the tools are stored. The system also enables you to remain more organized in the bucket, maximizing productivity.

Not only can you utilize your storage while in the bucket, but you can do so in your truck bins as well. With over 10 boards and 20 accessories available, the RHINO Buck-It Rail System offers something for everyone. And, as always, we can develop new options for your tools or work practices.

Bullard CEN10 Safety Helmet

The CEN10 Safety Helmet from Bullard is the latest advancement in head protection from the company that invented the hard hat. The sleek, low-profile design of this safety helmet is offered in vented and non-vented models. This comfortable helmet features the world’s first and only auto-adjusting suspension, an integrated three-point chinstrap and a modern sporty look with a matte finish.

With the CEN10, you’ll find the reliability, comfort and toughness expected from a Bullard industrial hard hat. This helmet meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I, Class E and G requirements. The vented model meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I, Class C requirements.

The modern design of the CEN10 reduces peak force to the wearer’s neck and transmits less force to the head, providing additional protection to the user’s brain.

The CEN10 is well-suited for utility work, offering extreme comfort. Equipped with the patented FlexGlide suspension system, the helmet allows wearers to auto-adjust its fit for all-day comfort.

DragonWear High Line Pant

The High Line pant is designed to offer a jean-style fit with plenty of legroom to allow for maximum range of motion and comfort while on the job. Dual slash-style front pockets, known as the “workman’s angle,” offer quick and easy access to tools, cellphones or any other accessory. Reinforcements are added at high-stress areas to give the pant additional durability and ensure that it can work as hard as you do.

Elk River EagleTower LX Harness

The EagleTower LX Harness features an aluminum bar in-seat; a quick-connect buckle at the chest; tongue buckles at the leg straps; a 5-inch padded back pad; a removable tool belt; two accessory rings attached to the center back of the back pad; breakaway lanyard parks; and comfort padding at the back/shoulder. It is made with nylon webbing and has six D rings.

FirstPower Group Products (Booth A1806)

FirstPower Group products include the Stinger and Hornet Hot Stick Mounted Disconnect Switch Lubricator, long-life circuit-breaker lubricants, compressors and SF6 cylinder heater. Field and shop services include SF6 gas management and handling; providing new and rebuilt air compressors; and installation, testing, maintenance and replacement of high-voltage transformers and circuit breakers.

GlenGuard FR Fabric (Booth A1429)

The new Carhartt FeatherWeight FR rental workwear line, offered exclusively from Cintas, features GlenGuard FR fabric to provide the wearer with added comfort and durability. Offering a work shirt, carpenter pant and coverall, these new garments are designed to be lightweight, fade-resistant and moisture-wicking to help keep the wearer cool and comfortable throughout the day. Classified as ARC 2 and UL 2112 certified, with fabric weights of 5.3 ounces for the shirt/coverall and 6.4 ounces for the carpenter pant, you can feel confident wearing the Carhartt brand you trust, now paired with the added comfort from GlenGuard fabric.

Hastings Hot Stick Tester (A1156)

Utilizing a 2,500-volt output, the tester is calibrated to indicate the leakage values that would be present if 75KVAC were applied to a 12-inch section of the fiberglass tool for the wet test and 100KVAC per foot for the dry test.

The device has a six-hour battery life of continuous testing at 70 degrees and an estimated battery charge time of four hours. The tester can also operate on a standard 110-volt outlet. A bright digital display indicates an easy-to-read pass or fail. A test bar is also provided to ensure the tester is working properly.

This tester is portable, lightweight and comes complete with a padded carrying case and directions for proper use.

Hubbell Flexible Rubber Stinger Cove

The Class 3, Type II Flexible Rubber Stinger Cover is the newest addition to the CHANCE Cover-Up Equipment line. This ozone-resistant product is designed and tested per ASTM D1050. Rated for a maximum use voltage of 26.5 kV phase-to-phase, it provides protection from accidental brush contact with energized components during line maintenance. The cover is for use on overhead lines and transformer stingers with a maximum conductor size of 1.1 inches (28 millimeters). As with all of our rubber goods, this new product is 100% visually inspected, electrically tested and date stamped.

Jelco EZE-Trac (Booth E1252)

Even if your company ensures that all employees have the correct fall protection, how do you know each piece of equipment has been inspected, documented and is safe to use? Inspecting harnesses, SRLs and other fall protection equipment is critical to employee safety and OSHA compliance, but it can be time-consuming and easily ignored. Jelco has a solution. EZE-Trac is a complete safety software solution including RFID and QR code equipment tracking tags, job site inspections and employee training tracking. The software is app- and web-based, allowing you to use it anywhere. It offers the capability to conduct accurate safety inspections in a fraction of the time it would previously take with forms or spreadsheet systems. This allows you to automate and retain documentation and reports indefinitely. You can save and recall all inspections, from anywhere, in real time. This reduces double entry, missed inspections and having to keep track of paper forms.

NASCO Industries ArcLite Air

The ArcLite Air, designed to be the lightest-weight multihazard protective outerwear available, protects against both flash fires and electric arcs. It is great for gas and electric utility companies. The ArcLite Air meets the requirements of ASTM F1891 for arc flash protection, ASTM F2733 for flash fire protection and ANSI 107 for high-visibility.

This product uniquely addresses worker comfort by using a composite film with CCT Technology to make it 40% lighter than the lightest arc-rated product on the market. This eliminates PVCs, which store heat in the summer and make the wearer hot and uncomfortable. The ArcLite Air is in stock and ready to meet the demanding work environments of gas and electric utility companies.

National Safety Apparel HYDROLite FR Gear (Booth N2643)

HYDROLite FR 2.0 gear is the next generation in foul weather gear and provides comfortable protection from arc flash and flash fire hazards in all foul weather conditions.

HYDROLite FR 2.0 Extreme Weather Gear is made with 8.3-ounce GORE PYRAD products that provide 31 cal/cm2 CAT 3 protection and pass the waterproof garment one-hour storm shower test. The fast-drying, lightweight, breathable fabric and anti-wicking features prevent moisture migration inside the garment and keep you dry inside and out.

Special details on the jacket; raglan sleeves; a removable adjustable hood that can be used with or without a hard hat; and dual access pockets that offer hand warming and storage will make this your go-to garment in wet weather.

The HYDROLite FR 2.0 Extreme Weather Bib Overalls are made with the same fabric and have a front bib pocket, snap fly closure and covered zipper closures on the legs, making this comfortable gear easier to put on and take off when the job is done. www.thinknsa.com

Neilsen Clothing Pro Arc Rainwear (Booth N2109)

Pro Arc Rainwear garments are engineered to be extremely durable and breathable while maintaining a 100% waterproof and windproof barrier, protecting against all elements with unequaled designs and construction quality, according to the company.

Available today from stock is breathable flame-resistant, arc-rated and high-visibility rainwear tested to the latest North American safety standards.

PSS RoadQuake (Booths N1826 and E514)

RoadQuake is a highly engineered transverse portable rumble strip that is placed perpendicular to the direction of travel with the purpose of increasing driver awareness to oncoming changes in the road, such as work zones. As drivers’ vehicles travel over the PSS rumble strips, they will hear and feel the vibrations of RoadQuake. This sensation has been proven to redirect drivers’ attention back to the roadway as they travel safely through your work zone. Requiring no use of glue or fasteners to stay in place, deployment and retrieval of RoadQuake are quick and easy. Designed to reduce accidents and save lives, RoadQuake can significantly reduce the major causes of work zone intrusions, accidents and fatalities. Through our years of extensive testing and research, PSS has become the leading authority on portable rumble strips.

Safeguard Equipment COMPASS (Booth A1044)

In 2019, the Electrical Safety Foundation International reported 166 electrical fatalities and an additional 1,900 electrical injuries from workplace accidents in the U.S. That’s why we created COMPASS, the world’s most advanced voltage and current detector. COMPASS provides users with visual and audio alerts, 360-degree detection, and adjustable and smart-adaptive sensitivity settings. This PPE is specifically designed to protect utility workers, first responders, telecommunication workers, and construction, industrial and manufacturing workers who face exposure to energized equipment and/or hazardous environments.

Safety One Snowcat Operator Certification

The Safety One snowcat operator certification is a comprehensive program including two days of intense classroom instruction and two days of practical field safety training. It is focused on safety and survival techniques, specialized equipment training and snowcat repair under emergency conditions. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive certification from Safety One and will have successfully demonstrated that they are able to operate snowcats safely, handle common emergency repairs on snow vehicles and remain safe in extreme weather conditions in remote areas.

Safety One’s certified snowcat operator training is delivered over four consecutive days and consists of 32 hours of material. Classes are limited to six students per instructor. This course offers detailed instruction on winter survival and environmental factors for workers exposed to harsh winter conditions in remote areas. It also teaches safety and survival skills related to cold injuries, hypothermia, emergency sheltering and fire-building techniques. Additional mechanical and technical instruction pertaining to vehicle operations will be covered.

Silver Needle Extraction System

This Flash Fire/Arc Flash Extraction System exceeds standards for protection. With an outer layer of 7.5-ounce Nomex blend and a 7.4-ounce quilted Nomex blend liner, the suit boasts a mannequin test of 10 seconds with zero third-degree burns and a 60-cal arc rating. All documentation is available upon request.

Tallman Equipment Co. Tri-Clamp (Booth B1554)

The Tri-Clamp is a patented, multi-plane clamp that securely cradles bolts in accordance with NEMA spacing, then clasps itself to the mounting pad of a connecting jumper line. The resulting bolt stability creates a process efficiency that cuts connecting times by as much as 65%. A starter socket holds a nut, lock washer and washer in alignment, enabling lineworkers to safely seat all three onto their corresponding bolt in one motion, thereby eliminating dropped washers and facilitating faster, more systematic connections. This tool reduces lineworker exposure and makes an otherwise hazardous task more practical and much safer.

YAK MAT Grounding Grates (Booth E533)

SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grates from YAK MAT are lab-tested industrial grounding grates that create an adequately bonded and grounded equipotential zone, protecting teams from hazardous step potential and Grade 5 fault currents.

The SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grate is a one-piece galvanized steel ground mat, positioned on the ground and then bonded together with 4/0 copper cables and two-hole lug connectors. The grates feature additional lug areas for securing grounding cables between stringing equipment and grates. This setup creates a safe equipotential zone for puller/tensioner sites and portable substations to ensure your crew is protected.

At YAK ACCESS, we believe that safety matters, which is why we’ve also created the SAFESTEP EPZ Solutions Package for complete insight on how you can protect your team with EPZ grounding grates. Get your copy of the SAFESTEP EPZ Solutions Package – which includes an EPZ Safety Checklist, EPZ Lab Testing Report and Worker Protection Video – on our website.

Youngstown Cut-Resistant Hybrid Gloves (Booth N1432)

New cut-resistant hybrid gloves are now available from Youngstown. The CR4 Hybrid (Cut A4) and CR5 Hybrid (Cut A5) feature a high-visibility top of hand with reflective fingertips. The palm is made of a water-resistant goat-grain leather tanned for dexterity, grip and comfort. These hybrid (half-synthetic/half-leather) gloves offer superb comfort and flexibility while remaining durable and protective. Both models are made with a high-density cut and puncture liner that contains no steel fibers, and both models are also puncture level 5. Other features include a slip-on cuff and a terry cloth top of thumb so you can comfortably wipe away sweat and debris. The gloves are available in six sizes from small to 3XL to ensure the perfect fit.

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