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Incident Prevention is on a mission to be a major player in the reduction of job related accidents within utilities and telecommunications. The publication, our iP Safety Conferences and this site are dedicated to providing utility safety and operations professionals the resources to build safety programs and implement processes that lead to reduce...d work-related incidents.
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Lee Marchessault, CUSP

Fall Protection by the Numbers

A simple and effective system for ensuring proper fall protection.

The development of an effective fall protection program has long been a tough issue to deal with. Many of the hazards that utility workers face often seem impossible to provide adequate protection for without introducing some other unsafe condition. And once systems are developed, getting workers to use them is another problem.

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Jim Vaughn, CUSP

Training for the New Century

Experiencing high turnover?  Too many incidents?  The answer to these problems could lie in a new, innovative training program.

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Carl Potter, CSP

Eliminating Excuses

"Management is pushing us, customers are pushing us and we don't have enough help." This excuse for taking short cuts is becoming more prominent in the workforce. When I hear it, I cringe! We must take personal responsibility and not let other factors distract us from having safety on our minds. No one can make you do anything you don't want to do unless you give him or her permission. The supervisors, crew leaders and linemen who attend my seminars consistently tell me that they need more help

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Michael T. Eisenhart, PT

The Pain Game: Preventing MSDs

What do a pain in the neck, back or shoulder have in common?
Unsafe work behaviors.

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Dr. E. Scott Geller, PhD

Lessons Learned, Successful Implementation of Behavioral Safety Coaching

Previously, we discussed the power of behavioral safety coaching (BSC) to prevent injuries and fatalities in the utilities industry. To this end, we introduced 10 key practical guidelines for creating and maintaining successful BSC as gleaned from three decades of empirical research and 20 years of practical experience with our clients. Once again, here are the 10 guidelines for creating and maintaining an effective BSC process:

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