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Scott Margolin

The Burning Question

Is 100 percent cotton protective in an electric arc flash? While lab tests say so, real life experiences say no!

It is widely understood that clothing made from non-flame resistant synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, nylon and polyester/cotton blends, are not appropriate when working on or near electrically energized parts and equipment. If these garments are exposed to an electric arc flash, they can ignite, melt and drip, which can lead to severe contact burns to the skin. In fact, the OSHA 1910.269 and NFPA 70E standards prohibit this type of clothing.

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Jim Vaughn, CUSP

Why Single-Point Grounding Works

The pros and cons of single-point equipotential grounding, as opposed to working between your grounds or bracket grounding, has generated a lot of discussion. As found in IEEE-1048 Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines, single-point equipotential grounding is becoming more simply and accurately referred to as worksite grounding.
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Bob Coffey

The Skinny on Confined Space Safety

One of the significant risks that many organizations take in managing their confined spaces is to try to sort spaces into permit-required and non-permit spaces. Many times the only thing separating the two is a shaky assumption. The characteristics of many spaces can change, increasing the risk. The best programs I have observed treat all spaces on-site as if they were permit spaces. But what exactly is a Permit Required Confined Space?
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Lee Marchessault, CUSP

Fall Protection by the Numbers

A simple and effective system for ensuring proper fall protection.

The development of an effective fall protection program has long been a tough issue to deal with. Many of the hazards that utility workers face often seem impossible to provide adequate protection for without introducing some other unsafe condition. And once systems are developed, getting workers to use them is another problem.

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Michael T. Eisenhart, PT

The Pain Game: Preventing MSDs

What do a pain in the neck, back or shoulder have in common?
Unsafe work behaviors.

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