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Training Development

A wide variety of on-site and online training programs from the industry's suppliers are available to utility safety professionals. In addition, trainers and educators are prepared to offer a range of courses.


Altec Industries
The new national consensus standard, outlined in ANSI A10.31 2006 Safety Requirements, Definitions and Specifications for Digger Derricks, incorporates new requirements for training of operators, and for employers and owners of digger derricks. To help digger derrick operators in the utility industry meet new training requirements, Altec Industries offers its Sentry™ Professional Operator Safety Training program. The comprehensive, computer-based program, according to the company, is designed to help employers train and certify equipment operators on the safe and proper operation of Altec equipment. Offered in self-directed or instructor-led programs, Sentry Safety Training can also be customized as an on-site training program to fit individual needs.

AVO Training
Specializing in hands-on training in electrical maintenance and safety, AVO offers more than 55 courses in 21 locations. Hands-on training from Basic Electricity, Cables, Circuit Breakers and Fiber Optics to Power Engineering, Relays and Substation are available at the company's sites or on location at utilities. Certification programs from AVO include Cable, Circuit Breaker, Fiber Optic, and Electrical Safety for Inspectors, Relay and Substation. AVO Electrical Engineering Services include consulting, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Short Circuit Study, One-Line Diagrams and Needs Assessments to help comply with OSHA and NFPA 70E standards. AVO Electrical Safety Experts can also assist in meeting electrical safety program needs by providing comprehensive analysis of electrical facilities, assessments, safety work procedures, personal protective equipment assessment, policies, procedures and program development. The company's Technical Resource Center also carries a complete line of technical books, insulated hand tools and PPE.

Bilingual Safety Training LLC
Bilingual Safety Training in Spanish and English is offered by this full service consulting and training firm. The company consults, inspects, schedules and conducts a variety of programs and seminars for all facets of industry and can provide OSHA approved online and on-site training courses for utility workers in their native language.

Coastal Training Technologies
ClarityNet HD(r) is Coastal Training Technologies' high-definition e-learning platform that provides online training to boost retention and accentuate the learning experience. ClarityNet HD(r) is built in Flash(r) 8, which delivers superior graphics in a wide-screen format. The technology also provides interface options where users can choose from six "skins" to fit their organizational styles. They can also choose from 30 template styles to create interactive storyboards. A key advantage of ClarityNet HD(r) is ease of use, according to Coastal. The online courseware is available on any computer at any time, giving users the flexibility to train at their convenience from any location, even at home. It gives companies the opportunity to train employees anywhere around the world and deliver localized training for every facility. For a no cost preview of ClartiyNet HD(r) visit:

Core Media Training Solutions
CoreMedia is working with the T&D partnership to redevelop its supervisor training programs—On the Front Line—specifically for the utility industry. The partnership's goals include working to change the safety culture of the T&D industry. The three videos, leader's guide and participant books are in now final production.

J.J. Keller
J. J. Keller's Electrical Safety: Know Your Ground training program helps reduce the risk of accidents and comply with 29 CFR 1910.332. The flexible program covers the basic training needs of unqualified employees and serves as refresher training for qualified employees, offering critical information on how electricity works, electrical hazards and how to eliminate or minimize them, the roles of qualified and unqualified employees, arc blast/arc flash, causes of electrical accidents, electrical protective devices and safety practices, and more. The training program can be ordered on DVD for $345 and in VHS format for $279.

Power & Communication Utility Training Center
The Power & Communication Utility Training Center division of Clapp Research, Inc. provides safety and design-related training to power, telephone, CATV and railroad utility system personnel. PCUTC, which utilizes the services of engineers from Clapp Research Associates, P.C. and other companies, provides in-house and public training. Among the seminars the center hosts are the DANESC™ Seminars on Development and Application of the National Electrical Safety Code, which concentrates on clearances and grounding, as well as longer programs on topics such as strength requirements; and NESC and OSHA work rules; Tutorial on Physical Design of Joint-Use Wood Pole Distribution Lines, which addresses the increasing problem of line failure and clearance problems due to overloading distribution poles with larger sizes and numbers of conductors, cables, and equipment; and Utility Contact Accidents Investigating and Litigating, covering investigation and litigation techniques, accident scenarios, and applicable standards. Clapp Research personnel also teach ten- and 30-hour courses on Occupational Safety and Health Administra-tion Regulations applicable to electric or communication utility personnel.

A provider of online safety training and risk management software solutions, PureSafety helps simplify and streamline safety training delivery/tracking and OSHA record keeping as well as workers' compensation claims management and return-to-work programs. The company's online safety training solutions are designed to offer an interactive learning experience in more than 400 customizable courses covering all aspects of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), Driver Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Human Resources, including many courses addressing risks faced by employees in the telecommunications and energy sectors. More than 120 courses are available in Spanish and all web-based solutions enable employees to access training from virtually any computer as well as track and manage safety training programs.

Safety One, Inc.
Antenna & Tower Training Center, a division of Safety One, trains utility workers in fall protection, antenna and tower climbing, and safety and rescue training. The programs certify employees and make utilities OSHA compliant using a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on tower climbing, and practical rescue scenarios. A substantial portion of the center's training covers OSHA certification topics such as OSHA requirements, the physics of falls, personal protective equipment, fall protection concepts and equipment, treatment of frequently encountered tower injuries, documentation, and solo and small group rescue deployment options. Safety One also operates the Snow Operations Training Center, the world's largest snowcat operation and snow survival school. Instructors include a former paramedic, and mountaineering, winter survival and snow vehicle operator experts. Also operated by Safety One is the Snow Survival Academy, which produces premium survival kits used by the FAA, Union Pacific Railroad and utilities nationwide.

Taylor-Made Communications, Inc.
Offering a comprehensive list of industry specific training content accessible through a variety of different delivery methods, TMC's course listings for Safety, Health, Compliance and Skill based content include many topics specific to the electric utility industry. The company's services group also enables customized, flexible training solutions to fit the unique needs of specific organizations. Training products from TMC include skills-related topics such as Apprentice Lineman Training; Field Performance Reviews, which features a Learning Management System (LMS) with automatic testing, tracking and record management; Supervisory/Leadership and Emotional Intelligence including profiling, assessments and coaching. Safety focus programs include Power Generation, Power Distribution and Power Transmission courses; Safety Meeting Kits; Safety Games and a Laboratory Safety Series. Compliance focus programs from TMC cover NERC training courses; OSHA General Industry, Outreach and Hazardous Waste courses; Regulatory Compliance Kits and a Hazwoper Video Series.

T&D PowerSkills
This 78-title DVD and workbook program is a derivative product taken from Power-Masters, a CD-ROM-based product developed from the original NUS Lineman material. Each workbook in the program has been updated to meet current federal regulations and includes updated photos. New features of the program include Field Performance Requirements (FPRs) and OSHA regulation snap-shots. For standardization and teaching of focused skill-sets, the program's "career tracks" for focused training cover Maintenance Basics, Overhead De-energized, Overhead Energized, URD, Substation, Transmission. First Edition titles are available and updating for the Second Edition continues through 2007. List price for the package is $45,900 (includes 78 DVDs and 78 workbooks and individual units can be purchased for $750 each and individual workbooks for $18.

3D Internet, Inc.
A fully interactive 3D virtual content provider, 3DInternet creates 3D E-Learning and education tools, fully interactive training and certification mode simulators, training demonstrations, company orientations, health and safety exercises, and more. The products allow utility employees to probe and explore the conditions and extent of any environment while learning job duties and procedures and interfacing with protection equipment and tools before being placed on the job site. Training can be developed in stages, starting with an initial 3D Training Simulator, which contains helpful hints and useful step-by-step instruction. As training progresses, simulations can be completed without the use of any hints or instruction to achieve a certification level. Event logs can be generated to track all abilities and errors.

Vivid Learning Systems
A variety of Electrical Worker Training programs are offered by Vivid Learning Systems, including Communications Facilities; Electrical Clearances; Enclosed Spaces; Excavations; Grounding; Hand and Portable Power Tools; Hazardous Energy Controls; Job Briefings; Ladders, Platforms, Step Bolts, and Manhole Steps; Line-Clearance Tree Trimming; Mechanical Equipment; Medical Services and First Aid; Overhead Lines With Live Line Bare Hand Work; Overhead Lines; Personal Protective Equipment; Power Generation; Special Conditions and Materials Handling and Storage; Substations; Testing and Test Facilities; Underground Electrical Installations; Vault and Pole-Top Rescue; Working On or Near Exposed, Energized Parts; Self Rescue; Sling Safety and Working with Self-Contained Meters.

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Practical and proactive safety and loss prevention programs to assist leadership teams in creating an engaged, safe and productive workforce.

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Experts in safety training, snow survival and snowcat operations training, and Antenna & Tower Training teaches climbing safety, rescue, and fall protection. Safety classes also include Helicopter Safety Training, Bioterrorism and Confined Space.

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A safety management consulting firm providing solutions for safety and training issues with customized programs and services ranging from full-service safety management to on-the-job program development and site-specific safety training programs.

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A Safety Keynote program developed by several commercial Safety and Health Supervisors and Jeff Espenship to motivate the industry to avoid accidents, not repeat mistakes, reduce preventable pccidents and OSHA recordables in the workplace. The program is offered for Safety Kickoff Meetings, Semi-annual Safety Re-kick Meetings, Worker Focus/Refocus Seminars, Corporate Safety Conferences, Safety Stand-downs, and Safety Training and Awareness Meetings.

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The Taylor-Made Leadership Series™ is based on the 13 accepted best-practice management skills while building awareness to the basic framework of emotional intelligence. The solution is a blended, spaced-repetition delivery model combining classroom instruction/interaction/application supported with online exercises and self-study. Ideal participants for this course include supervisors, managers, foremen, safety professionals and individuals in leadership roles.

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A wide range of solutions in practical, hands-on electrical training presented on-site, including Lineman Skills, Gloving Techniques, Hot Stick, Transformer Connections, Certified Aerial Lift, Certified Digger Derrick, Pole Top Rescue, Bucket Truck Rescue, Equi-potential Personal Grounding, OSHA General Industry, Construction and Lineman OSP, Ladder, Excavation and Shoring, and Job Briefing Training; Facility Audits, Crew Audits, Lineman Evaluations/Testing; Job Safety Analysis, Activity Hazard Analysis, Safety Committee Training and Management Safety Audits.

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Classes held regularly at locations throughout the Mid-South.

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Specialists in utility and electrical safety process called STEP™ (Safety & Training Empowerment Program) for high hazard trades.

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A Safety Consultant for a major utility company in the Midwest who delivers a presentation titled A Date to Remember, designed to emphasize that safety is everyone's responsibility, even if it is not specifically in a job description.

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Services include Safety Program Development; Safety Assessments; Cultural Change Development; Emergency Response; Safety Management Systems; Program Development; Perception Survey/Focus Group; Worker's Compensation; Trend Analysis, and Health and Safety Training. ip

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Equipotential Grounding at AEP

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