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Bob McCall

Embracing Change: Think Human Performance

If knowledge of concepts that would prevent all accidents, events, injuries or fatalities caused by a person were available, would you accept that information? Clearly, the answer is you should want to do all you can to prevent bad things from happening to your fellow employees and the company you serve, especially if you hold a leadership position.

I first learned about Human Performance (HP) in 1997 when I was the Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor at the Duane Arnold Energy Center and had the pleasure of serving 30 of the finest mechanics in the business. I cared about each person on my crew and didn’t want bad things to happen to them or their families.

During my tenure at the plant, I had the pleasure of attending a supervisor-development seminar held by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). During one of our leadership sessions, we had a presentation on HP. The information fascinated me so much that when the instructor ran out of time for the class, I begged our facilitator to allow the instructor to come back and finish. I was turned on to some information that changed my life. I heard information that gave me the ability to prevent first aid cases, injuries, OSHA recordable events and fatalities caused by people.

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