Utility Safety Regulatory Update

Regulatory Update
This section is dedicated to any Regulatory Updates which affect the utility industry and it's contractor partners. As Incident Prevention magazine becomes aware of these regulatory updates we will ask our industry experts to comment.
Everyone has the opportunity to post questions, make comments and simply let their ...voice be heard at the end of each posting.
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Jim Vaughn, CUSP

The Final Rule

We have been expecting it since 2005. It's here, and it's big. The OSHA final rule regarding 29 CFR 1910.269 and 1926 Subpart V was announced April 1, popularly known as April Fools’ Day. The significance couldn't have been missed by those at the U.S. Department of Labor. Who says they have no sense of humor? The unofficial PDF version published April 1 has 1,607 pages. The official version – published April 11 in the conventional three-column Federal Register format – has a mere 429 pages. The final rule becomes effective July 10.

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Carla Housh

FREE VIDEO: Final Rule Panel Discussion at iP Utility Safety Conference

OSHA Rules Video 578x100
REGISTER TO VIEW THE IP UTILITY SAFETY PANEL DISCUSSIONS HERE On April 22rd, over 200 Utility Safety & Ops professionals gathered in Orlando for the annual Spring iP Utility Safety Conference. Our event proved to be good timing as OSHA had just announced on April 11th that the final rule revising standards for electric power generation, transmission and distribution were published in the Federal Register. Utility industry experts spent two weeks prior to the conference reading the 1300+ pages of the new law and preparing to participate on the panel discussion at the iP conference. You now have the opportunity to watch...
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Carla Housh

OSHA Announces Final Rule Revising Standards

OSHA announces final rule revising standards for electric power generation, transmission and distribution In 2005 OSHA published proposed rule changes to 1910.269 and 1926 subpart V. Today we received the notification below from the Department of Labor. On April 22 a panel discussion will be held at the iP Utility Safety Conference will review the major changes found in the revised rules, as well as compliance issues, strategies and time frames for implementation of the new rules. Subject matter experts will be on hand to answer questions from participants. FINAL RULE - 90 Days to Comply Following National Register Publishing WASHINGTON...
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