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Machine Safety

With winter upon us, one hazard frequently overlooked is machine safety—especially when the topic involves entanglement. With more clothing being worn to keep us warm, loose jackets and baggy clothing create opportunities for machinery and rotating equipment to grab a garment and pull an individual into the equipment.

A person can be easily entangled when any part of the body is pulled into or wrapped around moving machinery, such as power-take-off (PTO) devices and augers. Many serious accidents have happened when a sleeve touched a moving part, pulling the person into the equipment. Even a loose glove can catch on a power tool long enough to pull the hand into the point of operation.

Leading causes of injury include:
•Wearing loose clothing while working with or near an entanglement hazard
•Cleaning or maintaining a machine while it is still running
•Stepping over a PTO
•Using a machine that has missing or defective guards

How to protect yourself:
•Wear tight fitting clothing and ensure sleeves are buttoned.
•Avoid wearing scarves or other items that could cause a choking hazard.
•Keep machinery guarded. Never remove or block a machine guard.
•When performing repairs, follow the correct lockout and tagout procedures and replace guards before returning the machine to service.
•Know your equipment! Know how to quickly locate the emergency stop controls on machinery in your work area.

You can ensure a healthy winter by following these simple rules.

Stay warm and be safe!

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

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