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Huskie Tools Opens New Fiberglass Restoration Division

Huskie Tools Opens New Fiberglass Restoration Division

A new offering for the utility industry that helps ensure worker safety cost effectively is now available from the new Fiberglass Restoration Division at Huskie Tools.

“Companies often store damaged fiberglass tools in a warehouse since they aren’t allowed to throw away assets,” said Fiberglass Division Manager Bob Welsch. “Those tools are just gathering dust, when in fact they can be repaired to like-new condition. Fiberglass restoration not only saves companies money but also keeps worn fiberglass tools out of landfills. Restoring your used fiberglass tools saves thousands of dollars versus buying new tools.”

The Huskie Fiberglass Restoration Division employs a crew with more than 55 years of experience repairing fiberglass. The team can test, restore and recertify fiberglass equipment to new condition, often at half the cost of buying new, Welsch noted.

Huskie can now repair and restore a wide variety of fiberglass items that are damaged or worn to like-new condition, along with certifying them to meet OSHA and ASTM standards. Included are:

• Arms (any kind with and without attachments)
• Bolt Cutters (any kind – we do handles too)
• Boom Lifts and Auxiliary Arms
• Cable Cutters
• Conductor Supports
• Disconnects and Universals
• Elbow Pullers
• Extension Resistors for Phase/Voltage Meters
• Fiberglass Cant Hooks
• Gins (Pole, Cross Arm, Transformer)
• Handles (for any fiberglass tool)
• Hoist Handles
• Hook Ladders
• Hot Arms (any kind with and without attachments)
• Insulated Hangers
• Insulated Bypass Jumpers
• Insulated Insulator Cradles
• Insulated Jibs
• Insulated Long Reach Cutters and Wrenches
• Insulator Dry Cleaning System
• Platforms (with or without railings)
• Poles (any kind with or without attachments)
• Shotguns (all kinds, all parts)
• Spray Sticks
• Sticks (any kind with or without attachments)
• Temp Conductor Supports and Cut Out Tools
• Tension Puller Tools
• Wire Tongs

Huskie Tools can custom label or stamp fiberglass tools to meet customer specifications and will match any industry standard color using low VOC paint in the restoration process to prevent tools from getting mixed up at a jobsite.

Huskie will receive any size shipment of fiberglass tools for restoration. Many customers choose to ship items in bulk. Finished tools are returned to customers in custom boxes with separators to keep the tools from being damaged during transit. The boxes can be saved and reused when more items are ready for Huskie Fiberglass repair.

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A92.2: The 2009 Standard
Procedure for Reducing Injuries

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Friday, 18 September 2020

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