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Lidia Dilley Jacobson

Is Safety a Religion?

In the utility industry, we are often connected by families. By that I mean many lineworkers enter the profession because their father, uncle, mother or other relative worked at an electric utility. As for me, my dad was a Methodist minister. I sat in the pew many Sundays, listening to him speak from the pulpit and hearing the many ways he shared his beliefs. For years, I felt as though I didn’t follow in his footsteps. I mean, I’m in safety and he was a pastor. Then, one day, I realized something: Maybe our two worlds weren’t that far apart because we both wanted the same outcome; that is, he wanted people to believe, and I do, too.

So, in this month’s Tailgate Topic, I’d like us to explore some statements that come from my dad’s world yet also make sense in the safety world as we try to do and be better. I will also share some questions you can ask yourself at the end of each day so you can continue to grow in safety.

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