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Kelly Sparrow, J.D.

The 911 Dilemma

It’s happened to most of us. We’re at a job site and someone gets hurt. We’re not sure how badly the employee is hurt or if we should call 911. Sometimes when an incident occurs, we think it might be better to take the injured employee to a care facility rather than call 911 for emergency assistance. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, there are two simple guidelines to help you decide what to do. First and foremost, remember to do no further harm. If there is any chance that you could cause the employee additional injury by taking him or her to get medical care, call 911 for professional help at the job site. Second, there are three types of injuries that always necessitate medical personnel capable of advanced care. Always call 911 when any of the following are involved.

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Guest — Gary
I would add anytime someone complains of chest pains/hard to breath, injuries to eyes, and burns. Great articles for training.... Read More
Wednesday, 16 December 2015 09:49
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