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3M Grip Connector JoomlaWorking at height requires movement. Workers may need to connect and reconnect their snap hooks dozens of times each day. The new 3M DBI-SALA Comfort Grip Connector from 3M Fall Protection improves connecting and disconnecting while providing flexibility to anchor efficiently and comfortably.
Designed and certified to arrest a fall when loaded in multiple orientations, the Comfort Grip Connector helps provide a 5,000-pound tensile strength as well as up to 3,600 pounds in transverse and gate strengths. When connected to a vertical or transverse application, such as a pipe, the hand-guard pin shears in the event of a fall to allow the connector to align with the direction of the fall and remain securely anchored.
The 3M DBI-SALA Comfort Grip Connector is available on some of 3M Fall Protection’s most popular products, including the EZ-STOP Lanyard, Shockwave2 Lanyard, Nano-Lok Personal SRL and Nano-Lok Edge Personal SRP.

3M    www.3m.com/workersafety

Buckingham Black Climber Kit JOOMLABuckingham Manufacturing’s BuckAlloy Black Climber Kit was developed after listening to customers who wanted a black climber. Given the interest in this type of kit, Buckingham developed a new climber kit to bring all the features of the popular BuckAlloy climbers into one kit.

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Designed for use in construction, general industry, ladder climbing and confined space, the FallTech Journeyman FLEX aluminum and steel harnesses are rated to 425-pound capacity and comply with OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. New design elements – including proprietary CamLock torso adjusters – allow quick and secure adjustments with strategically positioned hip D-rings to optimize work positioning. Available with aluminum or steel hardware, the harnesses offer enhanced padding with air-mesh linings for added comfort throughout the day.

FallTech    www.falltech.com

FallTech Contractor Harness JoomlaFallTech recently updated its Contractor+ family of harnesses. The line now offers a more supportive, secure and sturdy fit while adding functional elements for all-day comfort to meet the demanding needs of workers.

Upgrades include new chest slides with integrated lanyard keepers that provide a lower profile and easier attachment points for lanyard connectors; a stiffer waist belt to improve longevity; a waist pad that now includes belt loops and is sewn into the torso straps, keeping the waist pad from slipping; and increased padding, offering superior internal reinforcement to allow better D-ring positioning combined with improved comfort and usability.

The design of the updated Contractor+ family of harnesses provides affordable, durable products that comply with all applicable ANSI and OSHA standards.

FallTech    www.falltech.com

Buckingham EZ SqueezeBuckingham Manufacturing’s new, lightweight-design EZ Squeeze offers superb wood-pole fall restriction capabilities. Featuring a new loop handle on the outer strap that positions the user’s hands in line with each other, the EZ Squeeze provides a more comfortable grip while climbing. The new Buckhorn Adjustment Lever allows the user to increase the length of the outer strap and make slight length adjustments without removing the user’s weight from the unit. The EZ Squeeze also has the ability to be utilized by right- or left-handed users; has 3,600-lbf gate-rated hardware; and fits many climbing styles and needs. The modular design makes it easy to change out worn or damaged components or straps in the field.

Buckingham Manufacturing    www.buckinghammfg.com

Elk River HarnessElk River has designed and manufactured a harness with dielectric hardware to prevent possible electric shock. All of the company’s harnesses are made in the USA using high-quality domestic webbing and meet all existing U.S. standards. Elk River’s dielectric harness has a soft loop dorsal connection with insulated and coated nonconductive mating buckles on the chest and leg straps. The dielectric harness is especially recommended for electricians and people who perform work in environments where there is a risk of electric discharge.

Elk River    www.elkriver.com

LiftWise Single Man BasketsLiftWise now offers its single man baskets with the ability to attach to any knuckleboom that meets ASME standard B30.23. The baskets install easily and quickly to extend the capabilities of knuckleboom trucks. Eliminating the need to use ladders or climb on equipment, the baskets also provide fall arrest and fall protection.

With the ability to hold up to 350 pounds, LiftWise’s single man basket contains a large, open work area to allow maximum productivity. The full-size floor is 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep, and it contains slots for water drainage, as well as upset holes for skid resistance. Additionally, the basket includes a tilt-angle indicator and a low-maintenance disc brake.

To meet the high demands of any access application, the baskets are constructed from heavy-duty steel and fabricated with laser-produced parts, which are keyed together and then welded into place. The entire assembly is designed using solid modeling and finite element analysis, and the finished product meets or exceeds industry standards.

Diversified Product    www.diversifiedproduct.com

FallTech Journeyman FlexFallTech’s new Journeyman Flex full-body harness features lightweight aluminum hardware and breathable stitched-down pad sets, combining wearability with common sense pricing to provide safety at heights without compromise.

Each harness features forged aluminum alloy D-rings, torso adjusters and belt buckles; a premium breathable padded air mesh shoulder yoke with integral non-slip dorsal D-ring adjustment; 18-inch contoured stitched-down leg pads; a 6-inch premium torso-sewn waist support positioning pad for construction belted harnesses; and a quick-connect Visi-lock chest buckle.

Durable, comfortable and affordable, FallTech’s Journeyman Flex complies with ANSI Z359.11-2014 and is offered in a wide variety of configurations to meet the toughest job demands of both construction and industry.

In addition, original Journeyman harnesses have been upgraded with lightweight, stitched-down pads and steel hardware components to increase both comfort and durability.

FallTech    www.falltech.com

Capital Safety SELFRSQThe SELF+RSQ detachable self-rescue system from Capital Safety easily connects to your current safety harness, providing a fast, effective method of escape from suspension while putting fewer rescuers at risk. It features a patent-pending EZ-Link D-ring to simplify connection, a secondary rescue ring for assisted rescue and a sealed, padded package to protect the descent device from damage during use. In an effort to ensure reliable performance in the field, the SELF+RSQ has gone through rigorous testing. The sealed design allows the product to perform as expected after it has been soaked in water for two hours and frozen in temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius. Additionally, with 50- and 100-foot versions available, SELF+RSQ is the most flexible, adaptable self-rescue system ever created, according to Capital Safety.

Capital Safety    www.capitalsafety.com

Capital Safety Arc Flash SRLCapital Safety offers the DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Arc Flash Self-Retracting Lifeline designed specifically for utility applications to provide the ultimate protection to workers in electrical transmission and distribution environments. The extremely compact and lightweight design is virtually unnoticeable on the user’s back, staying out of the way and making it ideal as a lanyard replacement. Nano-Lok locks quickly, stopping a fall within inches and providing more protection at low heights. In addition, tension is always kept on the lifeline, which reduces dragging, snapping and trip falls.

Capital Safety    www.capitalsafety.com

RIT-Fall-ProtectionRIT Safety Solutions is always looking for a better way when it comes to life safety. The company has provided fall protection, fall restraint and self-rescue products since 1998. For many years, some manufacturers have been making cookie-cutter harnesses that are ill fitting and overpriced. RIT Safety Solutions builds quality products to fill customers’ specific needs. The company’s lightweight, comfortable, certified harnesses meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements. RIT Safety Solutions does not spend millions in advertising to dictate what you should wear – the company invests in their people, their technology and their customers’ satisfaction. They are an ISO 9001:2008 company that proudly makes all products in the USA.

RIT Safety Solutions    www.ritsafetysolutions.com

Monkeyrack-Stabilization-SystemSpecifically designed to address the critical fall protection needs associated with improper setup and use of extension ladders, the patented Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilization System uniquely bonds together a receiver hitch and an extension ladder to provide superior ladder safety and stability. Monkeyrack Products currently offers two models – the Original Monkeyrack 75 and the Monkeyrack Contractor Kit. The contractor kit includes a safety tag that satisfies lockout/tagout requirements, plus the newest attachment innovation, the Monkeyrack bolt-on kit. The bolt-on kit allows the Monkeyrack to be bolted directly to the receiver hitch while also allowing the original hitch-pin attachment option.

Monkeyrack Products    www.monkeyrack.com

Buckingham-Full-Body-HarnessBuckingham Manufacturing is here to help you get prepared to meet the new OSHA regulations. The FR X-style Mini BuckFit full body harness (Model 603P8C500CK3) features an 18-inch dorsal pigtail with a small dee dorsal attachment, sternal web loop attachment point and quick-connect buckles with leather chafes. The harness is designed with FR foam-padded shoulder and leg pads for added overall comfort and made from nylon webbing with silver upper and black lower sections. It meets ASTM F887 arc flash requirements and all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards. www.buckinghammfg.com

FallTech-DuraTechWhen it comes to safety, there are no second chances. The quick stopping power of FallTech’s DuraTech 6’ provides protection for lower clearances, and the shorter fall distance reduces arrest forces compared to traditional lanyards. Designed for comfort and all-day wear, the lightweight DuraTech 6’ is tailored for a wide array of job sites, delivering a safety solution that yields maximum durability, versatility and productivity.

Features of the DuraTech 6’ include billing as the smallest self-retracting device on the market with an internal inertial brake mechanism; cycle-tested abrasion-resistant webbing that outlasts the competition; glass-reinforced polycarbonate housing; multiple connector choices to meet workplace demands; and lighter-weight aluminum connectors that reduce fatigue. www.falltech.com/devices/self-retracting-lifelines/compact-web

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