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Allegro Confined Space Offerings JoomlaAllegro Industries offers a complete line of work equipment for use in confined spaces. Included in the line are dewatering and sludge pumps, work tents, a tent heater, umbrellas, guardrail, guardrail winch, manhole signs, shields and lid lifters. All of the equipment is uniquely designed for convenience and durability.

The Allegro Sludge Pump is excellent for pumping standing water containing sand, solids, leaves or debris at a maximum of 50 gallons per minute. It is submersible to 39 feet and offers a continuous running water level to 3.5 inches. The pump is portable, with a built-in handle for easy transport and quick use.

The Allegro Standard Dewatering Pump offers continuous operation at low water levels and extended dry runs without overheating the motor. This portable, submersible pump is excellent for manholes, vaults, construction sites and all dewatering needs.

The Pump Discharge Hose features tough PVC material, collapsible design for compact storage and fire-hose quick-connect design.

Allegro Industries

MSA-Workman-WinchThe new MSA Workman Winch is rugged, versatile and economical for lifting, lowering, and positioning personnel and materials within confined space applications. Designed for a maximum 400-pound workload for personnel and 620 pounds for materials, the Workman Winch is built with tough thermoplastic housing to ensure high performance within the harshest environments. The winch offers an integral, ergonomic carrying grip and a unique, foldable handle for simple storage. The patent-pending bracket design allows for easy, rapid assembly.


Stat-X-First-ResponderThe Stat-X First Responder is an innovative tool designed to suppress fires in confined spaces. It is physically and functionally similar to a smoke grenade, but differs from the grenade by delivering Stat-X, a highly effective aerosol fire suppression agent. Stat-X First Responder is primarily used by energy company employees to knock down manhole fires, and by firefighters and police in first responder roles to save lives and minimize property damage. Stat-X is environmentally friendly and safe for human exposure at normal design concentrations.

Fireaway Inc.

General-Equipment-Confined-Space-VentilatorsGeneral Equipment Company's GP8 and GP8H portable gas-powered air ventilation blowers can accommodate most confined work space requirements. These compact units are ideal for supplying fresh air around construction sites, removing toxic and noxious atmospheres from confined work spaces, aiding in detecting sewer line leaks, and providing fresh air for personnel inside tanks and vaults.

The GP8 is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 3.5-horsepower, 3,600-rpm engine, whereas the GP8H comes with a Honda 3.5-horsepower, 3,600-rpm engine. An adjustable governor with manual speed control allows the operator to vary the blower volume as needed.

The blowers are third-party rated to deliver a free air flow of 1,561.6 CFM, or 1,066 CFM with two 90-degree bends in the hose. Both models are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum and steel for superior resistance to external field damage. Even with the use of high-strength materials, the GP8 weighs just 56 pounds, making it easy to transport around the job site.

General Equipment Company


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