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Taking Stock of Your Fall Protection Compliance

Resonating throughout the industry today is an increasing concern regarding fall protection compliance – a key component of any powerline safety compliance program. Fall protection compliance has four essential elements: training, proper use and maintenance, inspection and documentation. Drawing from manufacturers’ specifications and OSHA standards, this Tailgate is a comprehensive resource to assist your organization in building a fall protection program that meets required compliance safety standards.    OSHA requires that all employees working at heights above 4 feet be trained...

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Drop Zone Management: Expanding Our View of Line of Fire

This month’s Tailgate takes a closer look at a line-of-fire issue, specifically the drop hazard created when working aloft. Unfortunately, year after year utility workers are injured when objects are inadvertently dropped from heights, creating a significant threat for those on the ground. As we continue to refine the practices in our profession, the methods traditionally used for working aloft need to be examined and possibly modified. This will bring more control and safety to those on the ground who are near the overhead work being performed. Since the Beginning of Line WorkAnytime overhead...

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High-Pressure Hydraulic Injection Injuries

Hydraulic and diesel fuel systems operate at very high pressures, often 3,000 psi and above. If a loose connection or a defect in a hose should occur, a fine, high-velocity stream of fluid will result. Even for systems pressurized to as little as 100 psi, this fluid stream can penetrate human skin as if it were a hypodermic needle. Initially, an accidental fluid injection beneath the skin may only produce a slight stinging sensation. There is a danger that one will ignore this, thinking it will get better with time. Most often it does not. Within a very short time the wound may begin to throb...

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Vehicle Operation Winter Readiness

Much of the country is currently in the throes of winter, dealing with snowy and icy conditions. It can be a dangerous time to be on the road, but the following Tailgate provides information to help you safely combat the perils of winter vehicle operation. Block HeatersMany utility vehicles are equipped with block heaters. Ensure the heater is used when temperatures are expected to be below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Facts about Block Heaters• Many vehicle block heaters are rated at 800 watts, which cost approximately 10 cents per hour to use.• A block heater only needs to be...

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