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Five PPE Safety Challenges

In 2012, both NFPA 70E and the NESC will change personal protective equipment (PPE) and give guidance to utilities and industrial electrical workers that they haven’t previously had. Under NESC 2007, low-voltage (LV) work in utilities had only basic coverage. If 4 cal/cm² arc flash PPE clothing was worn, the company was in compliance. There was no requirement to do an arc flash assessment if 4 cal/cm² clothing was used. The new NESC will require calculations or the use of new tables even for LV work. The tables in NESC are arc flash calculation tables that give a range of energy levels for...

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Solid Footing

In a few years I’ll be 60. I’ve been in the business now for 37 years, but no one ever talked to me about how to care for my feet until I finally had to go to a podiatrist a few years ago. When he looked at my X-rays he said, quite confidently, “You are a lineman right?” It seems he had seen the picture several times before. The bones and connecting tissue and ligaments that make up your feet and legs, as it turns out, are fairly malleable. For the first 20 years of my career, I worked in an older city area where just about every distribution pole was in a backyard, so I climbed almost every...

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Arc Suppression Blanket Installation

Use of arc suppression blankets can help reduce arc flash/blast injuries. When properly installed, arc suppression blankets absorb or deflect heat and blast energy emitted from an arc event, reducing the event’s impact on workers. Proper understanding of the elements involved in an arc flash is key to designing an installation. Heat is a major factor in an arc flash/blast event. Because of the intense heat generated in both radiation (ultraviolet and infrared) and the plasma arc (large fireball that can reach several thousand degrees), protection from this heat is the most important factor. An...

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